Sunday, 25 August 2013


Little snippets from the week that’s been…


1. Photo booth fun (taken at a Philippines mission trip fundraiser)

2. More '”otography” from Noah

3. More thumb sucking

4. Baking with the kidlets

5 & 6. Extreme sharing

7. Making pumpkin soup. (Any one else find it super hard to cut pumpkins? After making a couple of initial cuts I ended up taking this one outside and throwing it on the concrete – sure enough it split in half and was easier to work with. Apparently my Nana used to cut hers with the axe she used for chopping firewood!)

Joining in with the lovely Em over at the Beetleshack



Jess B said...

5 or 10 minutes in the microwave - the whole pumpkin - makes it super easy to chop! Love your photo booth photos!

Sima J said...

ooo I like that comment with the hint to cut the pumpkin .. they're always so hard! I usually have some fun thwacking it with a huge knife - throwing it on the concrete sounds fun too haha :-)

Leonie said...

Thanks for the tip! the extreme sharing cracked me up - we had a lot of that here too :)