Monday, 12 August 2013



Just a few pics this week. I just didn’t capture as much on my camera as I should have. The week we’ve just had has been a rather busy one, with 2 of my nephews and their Mum, (my sister-in-law) visiting. We had 5 under 5 between us! Full on but fun!

1-2: Chalk paint made using this tutorial (it’s meant to be chalk, but I find it a bit too runny.)

3-4: Home made gingerbread. Cousin Levi very carefully put facial details on his, Cousin Micah mainly just ate them, Noah was all about the sprinkles and Isabelle liked to coat her gingerbread in 5x more icing than biscuit!

5: Noah and Isabelle playing ‘sleeping’ in the lounge

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Jen x

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Kathy said...

Looks like the kids have had lots of entertainment. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia