Friday, 9 August 2013

PIPI GRACE–3 months

Pipi Grace 3 month comparison

Pipi is 3 months today! And she is grrr-grrr-grrrowing – in our recent Plunket visit she weighed in at 5kg! She is so smiley and such a great sleeper! She still wakes most nights for a feed but settles straight back down after, and has given us a few nights of 11pm-7am, or 9pm –5am sleeps which has been great! She is getting her bottom teeth, like her brother did at the same age and has rolled a couple of times from your back to your front [edit] front to her back (she’s not quite that clever!)


With Noah and cousin Micah. (We have been busy with visiting cousies this week btw, hence the lack of blogging, I’ll share some photos in a later post.)


…mmm dribble

Love you Pipi-girl!

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Stacey Knight said...

look at that hair! Beauti

Leonie said...

What a gorgeous baby girl :)