Thursday, 15 August 2013

Crafting with kids


In my last couple of years of parenting I’ve learnt that if I want to knuckle down and spend a good couple of hours doing something (such as housework/ baking/ or sewing); then I’m much more likely to be successful if the kids are either:

a) asleep/ at preschool, or b) involved in the activity too.

During the recent Kid's Clothes Week Challenge Noah asked if he could ‘help me sew’ – while I’m not ready to let him loose on my sewing machine yet (although I do sometimes put them on my knee and let them guide through fabric), instead I found some uses for off cuts of knit fabric made by overlocker (serger). Isabelle made a necklace and bracelet by braiding some of the fabric offcuts and adding a bead (with my help) and Noah just threaded some beads to make a necklace for me! (Thanks Noah!) I have a large, blunt wool needle that I use for this purpose (and also when we make macaroni necklaces), but I recently discovered that a bobby (hair)pin also works pretty well. Knit fabric works well because it doesn’t fray and secondly because it’s stretchy so easy to stretch the finished product over your head.

The kid’s loved making these things, and it also kept them busy while I finished off my sewing projects. If I could offer you any hints when it comes to doing this sort of thing with kids it would be to have low expectations. You are not aiming to create a pinterest-worthy masterpiece at the end of it, you are aiming to entertain, nurture creativity and a sense of accomplishment in your child; and of you happen to end up with a rustic but made with love gift at the end of it, all the better!


When I was a little kid my Mum loved to sew and got me a little kiddie sewing machine and later an ancient black Singer! I had a terrible attention span and from memory I left a trail of unfinished projects in my wake, but it must have nurtured some kind of creativity in me because look at me now!


And Pipi? Although she didn’t join in with the crafting she feed a bit while I sewed during the challenge – note the slipper clad foot on the pedal in the photo above.

Do you involve your kids in your projects or prefer to set up completely different activities?

Jenny x


Zara said...

Such a great little activity for using those offcuts.x

Leonie said...

Great activities! and am impressed with sewing and feeding simultaneously! The kids pretty much always get involved over here... sometimes its fine and good and sometimes Mum just needs to concentrate on one thing :p