Friday, 23 August 2013

Bunks and handmade bedding


Noah and Isabelle have been in their bunk beds for a wee while now (maybe a couple of months?) We ended up switching their sleep and playroom around because we realised part way into putting up the bunks that they did not fit the bedroom! Oh no! (You can see how their rooms were originally set up here, if you’re interested.)

Although they have been sharing a room for almost a year now, this transition to the bunks also moved Isabelle’s move out of the cot to her ‘big girl bed.’ Noah had made that change a lot earlier before he turned 2, but the gap between Isabelle and Pipi is a little longer and she is coming up 3 in November. I decided this time I’d keep her in the cot as long as possible and it has worked pretty well.

One thing I noticed when sorting out Isabelle’s bedding is just how much of it is handmade, for instance:


  • Floral quilt at end of the bed (from her cot) – made by me while pregnant with her (pre blogging days)
  • Embellished op shop duvet (Two things: That blog post is from so long ago – I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for ages, and those before and after shots are pretty bad! *cringe*)
  • Patchwork Pillowcase
  • Belle & Boo trimmed sheets
  • She also has this blanket which I haven’t needed to put on her bed yet (thanks to a mild winter).


  • ABC quilt made by me some time ago (pre-blogging)


Noah also has a blanket and sheets on his bed that are thrifted. Isabelle also has this set of drawers that I restyled ages ago – not in view in any of these shots but are in keeping with the handmade theme.

Looking at this room makes me feel proud that using mainly handmade and second hand items they have a nice and original bedroom with minimal expense. Isabelle also has this set of drawers that I restyled ages ago – not in view in any of these shots (oops) but in keeping with the handmade theme so worth a mention.

There are few other shots of their room (not a complete tour though)…


'Love is free' print from Sweet WilliamTree hanger from Mocka as reviewed here.

The room isn’t quite complete. I still haven’t transferred a few things from the old room to the new one yet – a few pictures still remain on the walls and we haven’t dissembled the cot (it’s a bit of a mission and Pipi will need it soon enough.) So expect to see some more photos in the future.

In case you’re interested the bunks are from D'zine furniture, not identical to the ones listed there at the moment but pretty similar. We are really happy with the quality and the price was very reasonable.

Do your kids share a room/ have bunks? How do you find it?

Jenny x

I’ll be popping back soon with my 52 project photos


Stella Rutherford said...

What a super cute and cosy room! Can't wait till my kiddos are big enough for bunks. Fun times.

Zara said...

Such a sweet little space.
All the handmade bits and pieces are lovely. x

Leonie said...

What a gorgeous room with so much handmade love! Love the sweet william print! our 3 girls (5,4,2) share a room, one single and a set of bunks. we also had to move rooms as once we started assembly the original room was too small! We love the girls all in the one room - and so do they. and the older two adore their bunks :)