Friday, 12 July 2013

NZ Kids Clothing Review Series

If you’re anything like me you really enjoy dressing your kids (ok maybe not the actual dressing part if they’re anything like my little squirmy worms); but the part where you find and collect clothes to dress them in.

We are extremely lucky these days with the options we have when dressing our kids, we are spoilt for choice compared to what was on offer in our parent’s day.

For many the natural choice is the mass produced kids clothes that are available; however often the quality is not that great, the prices are quite high and the styles seem a bit generic and everything is made in China.

Personally, I prefer to op shop, make and buy clothes designed and made in NZ wherever I can.

Here are some of reasons why I love babies/kids clothes made or designed in NZ:

* Uniqueness of design – When garments are made in smaller/limited production numbers, with fewer designs or by a smaller company, more thought/ care seems to go into each design produced.

* Brilliant quality – As above, my experience with smaller companies the clothing quality is often much higher than the mainstream, larger companies.

* An emphasis on natural fibres – A lot of the NZ Kiwi kids clothing is made from organic cotton or merino. This goes along with our clean, green NZ image and is lovely against our wee ones delicate skin.

* A handmade touch – There is something quite special about handmade. Obviously some of the companies are bigger than others, but most have started as small, cottage industries; and many retain that unique, special character than a handmade garment has.

* Reasonable price tags – obviously there is a range of prices out there, but for the most part I have found NZ made/designed kids clothes to be surprisingly reasonable, especially considering the great quality and design. Personally, I’d rather spend a bit more too if I know the garment will last and be handed down to my other kids.

* Classic Styles – In my opinion the mainstream stores seem to follow the trends more, whereas the NZ Companies I’ve been looking at seem to stay true to classic styles and emphasise simplicity (rather than ‘over-doing it’). This helps them to stand the test of time. Many of these companies have a lot of unisex styles too, making them even more versatile.

And of course, isn’t it nice to know you’re supporting local designers and makers?

Because of this, I decided to bring you a NZ Kids Clothing Review Series.

I have contacted a few companies, who have kindly agreed to be part of this.

The clothing and companies I am going to showcase have a few similarities: in that they all make babies and/or kids clothing; and they all either design and/or make it right here in little old NZ. And … they all make clothing that I love and am proud to recommend.

They also have a few differences: Some are cottage industries, some are bigger scale – and they all are unique, have their own niche. Because of this, instead of competing with each other, these NZ companies seem to compliment each other.

So over the next few weeks I plan to bring you one review a week, with a few giveaways dotted amongst the reviews.

And if you make and sell babies or kid’s clothing here in NZ, think you mesh well with Mend and Make New* and would like to be part of the review series, then please email me at *(I am being selective in this series in that I am only reviewing products that I would happily recommend to my readers.)

I hope you enjoy following along with this series!

Jenny x

P.S. Here is a sneak peek from the review I will be posting on Monday




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you certainly have a good looking model! i share your thoughts on kids clothes. luckily we have a knitting nana and an op-shopping mama, otherwise i'm mad for nature baby-such good quality fabric and great designs. looking forward to your reviews.
happy weekend x

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That is the most beautiful photo of Pipi. I can't stop looking at it. Absolutely gorgeous and a keeper as the cover of her baby album. what a cutie.