Wednesday, 17 July 2013

KCW: Day 3

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This little tunic/ dress was an almost fail, but I somehow managed to save it. A pretty simple and unambitious project really, but I tried to be a bit too clever.

I used the Go To Signature Dress for the basic pattern - a simple and very versatile pattern that I’m very familiar with having made dresses from it twice before. So far so good.

Continuing with the upcycling of an op-shopped top as shown here, I cut off and re-used it’s sleeves and waist tie. (I love doing this sort of thing because it saves sewing and you can also use some quite nice details.) Smooth sailing so far.


For the front and back main panels of the dress I cut up two old tees of mine (I liked the fabric of both but the styles were unflattering on me.) Because I used their existing hems I had now limited the sewing I needed to do to just the side seams, shoulders and neckline. Awesome!

And this is where I got silly – I decided to use some of the houndstooth fabric for the neckline, rather than rib – and felt pretty good that I’d managed to stretch it all the way around …. uh oh! In the process of doing this I realised that it wouldn’t fit over her head! Fortunately I was able to fix this by attaching a neck tie opening (as seen most clearly in the top photo.)

Time for sewing mistake the second, when sewing on one of the sleeves I sewed through two layers of fabric with my overlocker/serger. To fix this I had to cut the sleeve off, cut the other one down to match and then sew them back on; very. carefully.

But I’m glad I plodded on rather than giving up, because I’m really pleased with the result. Annnnd… my husband (my biggest critic says its probably his favourite thing I’ve made for Isabelle. High praise indeed!)


Have you had any sewing ‘near fails’ that have turned into triumphs?

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Jen x


Fiona said...

Cute dress!

Leonie said...

High praise and totally deserved! Its a great wee dress! Well done for persevering!

ella d said...

I was thinking the same thing. Best dress yet! I don't usually comment and just admire your work and blog but just wanted to say how awesome I think you are!