Tuesday, 16 July 2013

KCW: Day 2


I’m pretty happy with what I sewed yesterday, although I’m sure my little model make these little leggings look even better – actually she makes everything look better. Looking at these photos makes me feel all mushy inside.

I self drafted these pants off another pair she has and they were a breeze to sew up. I added cuffs and a band along the top. The grey is some leftover merino I had lying around and the houndstooth fabric is from an op-shopped top as used here too. The mismatched legs thing was kind of a happy accident as I was using up scraps of fabric.

I also made Isabelle a little top using the same pattern as Noah's ones. Also featuring some of the houndstooth fabric, some floral knit and cream and charcoal merino – also a scrap using up exercise.


Sorry for the kiddie photo overload but I can’t help it … and to prove that here’s one more …


Aww these two – seriously, stop being so cute. No, don’t.

For the rest of my KCW from this week so far go here.

Joining in with …

and also Show and Tell  and make it wear it later in the week

Jenny x


Kristin said...

I love Isabelle's top! Would love one for me! ;) also, like I said in Facebook, that bub of yours is way too scrum my. Dangerously so!! xx

Leonie said...

Oh so cute cute cute! Awesome tops! and bottoms :)

Barbara said...

So freakin' cute!!! And I love the pants you made for Pipi.
Did you use a serger or a sewing machine? I would love to sew with stretchy fabrics but I am kinda scared of it... If you have any hints or tips, I would love to hear them!

Hootnz said...

Keep the photos coming! Theyre all so cute, and especially in their handmade goodies! Love the mix and match of patterns, it really works well :)) I planned to join in this week, but today is the only day that I actually stand/sit upright....the whole family have been crook with a nasty virus.....next season maybe :)

Heidi Amber said...

So much cuteness!! I just found your blog and am a new follower! Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)
Heidi @ handmadefrenzy.blogspot.com