Monday, 15 July 2013

KCW: Day 1

Once again I find myself joining in with the seasonal sewing challenge that is Kid's Clothes Week – of course in the Northern Hemisphere they’re all making Summer clothes, while here on the other side of the world, we’re making Winter ones. So, naturally (inspired by this and this awesome tutorial from Rhiannon) I made Noah some merino tops.


My little model, excited by the promise bribe of a yoghurt if he let me take photos of him; posed up a storm – so much so that I had precious little non-blurry shots to pick from. He really ‘worked the camera’ striking a new pose every couple of seconds, and making me blush to think how he has obviously observed too many of my Wardrobe Wednesday self timed ‘photo shoots.’

… Anyway, back to the tops! The pattern used is the Acadia Tee, is one that I’ve used a few times before. The fabric used is a turquiose/ teal merino (as seen in this previous KCW project) and the arms and neckline are made of basic cotton rib knit from Spotlight. The houndstooth pocket on the one Noah is wearing is from an old op-shopped top. (We lack in quality patterned knit fabric here in NZ so sometimes op shop tees are the best way to get it!)

Here’s the before shot:


You’re likely to see A LOT of this top from me this week, because in the words of Heidi Klum I’m kind of aspiring for some kind of ‘cohesive collection’, although this is Kid’s Clothing week not Project Runway, as I keep reminding myself and I’m already being distracted by other fabric in my stash. One things for sure, what I’ll be making is all very simple and low stress.

I’m actually a bit ahead of time and have finished today’s sewing (day 2) already – and am using every bit of will power I possess not to show you what I’ve made. (I’m not very good at surprises) … So here’s a sneak peek!


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Leonie said...

Its awesome! What a great model :) you are so inspiring doing everything you do on top of 3 kiddos x

Roslyn said...

Gorgeous Jen! Love the houndstooth! I didn't join in KCW this time...too much other stuff on my to-do list. Next time!

Sophie Slim said...

Awesome Jenny!! Sounds like you're on you way to creating your first clothing line! ;)

Suz said...

Cuteness. Yes I am joining in.. couldn't stay away!

Alyna Higgs-James said...

They look super cute and comfy