Monday, 22 July 2013

How to recycle an old top (Kid’s Clothes Week Round-up)

For me, joining in with Kid's Clothes Week became a bit of an unofficial challenge of how I could use this old op shop top.

I didn’t start out with that challenge in mind, it just kind of happened. But it was fun to find a different way to use it each day.

one top many possibilities

DAY ONE: 2 merino tees for Noah

DAY TWO: A top for Isabelle and some leggings for Pipi

DAY THREE: A little dress for Isabelle

DAY FOUR: Noah's houndstooth hoodie

Of course, as I mentioned before I didn’t say for the last couple of day because we went away on a little holiday, it was probably a good thing too because as much as I loved my self-made challenge, I have to admit that I was getting a little over the houndstooth pattern (I’m sure you probably were too!)

Besides, I did manage to achieve the goals I made going into this which was to take it easy and to try and sew at least one item for each of my 3 kids. (Noah got 3 items, Isy: 2 and Pipi: 1).

Oh … and there was the other minor detail that Noah’s hoodie got featured on the KCW blog! Whaaat? Yup, I was more than a little bit excited and honoured to get a mention amongst so much sewing talent!


I really enjoy the challenge of recycling old clothes, for 2 main reasons really. One, in NZ we are really lacking in good patterned knit (stretchy fabric) – I’m sure I’ve moaned about that here before. Because of this old stretchy tops are often the best option. Secondly, it’s part of the whole Mend and Make New philosophy about recycling, being inventive and thrifty,  and using things in new and different ways. In many ways I felt a bit like a butcher when cutting up this top (in a good way) in that I try and use different parts of the meat top for maximum benefit. (eg: I try and re-use any existing hems where I can – as I did in the pocket above; or how I re-used the waist tie and sleeves in Isabelle's dress.)

Anyway, I think I’ve probably ranted enough, here are a few ‘out-takes’ of my kids being goofy!



…And a couple of over-used photos of my littliest one, who just can’t help being cute!


Did you join in … or sew some clothes for your kid’s recently? Or have you recycled any old clothes when sewing?

I hope to be posting the next instalment in my NZ Kid's Clothing Review Series tomorrow.

Jenny x

Joining in with Show and Tell  and Sew and Tell Saturday


Leonie said...

Yay for you! love the outtakes and your makes :)

Miriam said...

good for you Jenny getting featured is a real credit to your work! Yay

Anonymous said...

Hi, just followed you through from KCW. Love how you've combined the different prints in your daughter's top. Really great! I am a fellow kiwi (sewer but not blogger!) Sheree (kiwifletch on KCW site)