Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Belle & Boo trimmed sheets


It’s been a dark and rainy day round here today – perfect to spend inside sewing, but not so great for taking photos. Ah well, you can’t win them all.

Today also was the day we had bunk beds delivered. Yay! So it also seemed like a good day for sewing Isabelle some sheets as this will be her first big girl bed.

I’d bought a half metre of this Belle & Boo fabric from Spotlight a while ago for this very purpose. The sheet is made out of an old flat sheet from our bed (actually a really nice, high thread count one) but it’s fitted sheet partner counterpart got all worn out so I thought I’d cut it up to make single sheets from it.  For fitted sheets I use this tutorial.


I had a bit of spare fabric so I thought I’d make Isabelle’s baby doll a matching sheet set (as shown in the top photo). After all it does already have a mini version of her quilt.


As for the bunks, they’re still in pieces in the garage – think I might for the hubs to get come to help with assembly. I’m sure I’ll post some pictures here at some stage when they’re all set up.

Have you got up to any sewing projects recently? I have so many I want to do, but just not enough hours in the day!

I hope wherever you are, you’re warm and well.


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Anonymous said...

Oh I NEED Belle and Boo fabric for my baby now!! I just bought her one of the books and I'm going to make her a quilt like the one Belle has. Errrmm when I can get to the sewing desk that is. Its blocked by my many many baby purchases.

Jess B said...

I'm exactly the same - SO MANY sewing projects I want to do! But time and energy are very lacking at the moment! Hubby's out tonight though, so I might quickly load the dishwasher and tidy up then pull out my machine and see what I can whip up in an evening... Wish me luck!

Leonie said...

Lots of projects but not enough time :) love your sheets... That fabric is irresistible :)

Sima J said...

What a GREAT idea!! I might have to copy that one ;-)

Nin said...

I love that you did the dolly some matching sheets - seriously that is so cute and I bet that's one of the things Isabelle remembers when she is all grown up!

michelle said...


I love your sheets, very cute! Do you have a tutorial for the flat sheet? The tutorial link you provided is only for a fitted sheet and as a beginner sewer I'm also seeking guidance how to do a tailored trim on a flat sheet. Guidance?