Sunday, 30 June 2013


Bits and pieces from our week …


1 & 2 – Helping Mum make pancakes (as seen here.) Gosh that ponytail is getting long!

3 & 4 – Happy mail. Mittens for Noah and Isabelle from Nana Jocelyn and lots (192) photos that I got printed out, including some thank you cards that I might just share with you at a later date

5 –  The result of a successful dental nurse visit – one of FOUR medical appointments we had this week! Discharge from midwife, Noah’s eye appointment, 6 week check and immunisations and the dental nurse! Phew, here’s to a quieter week this week!

6 – A very delicious antipasto late Saturday lunch/ early dinner! Yum!

7 – All of our worldly possessions outside (well at least those in the lounge and our bedroom. We hired a carpet cleaner today. Feeling very productive (and clean!)

What did YOU get up to this week?

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Anonymous said...

Well I have terrible mummy brain at the moment so who knows what I have done in the past week. Less than you did though, whew! Where did you get the beautiful photos printed? I need to get onto that asap!
We have a near crawler, I think its time to get our carpet cleaned soon. Nothing shows you how dirty your carpets really are or how unsafe your home is like a baby who is nearly mobile!

Holli said...

Lovely photos of a fun week!!


Saskia said...

Lovely shots, I don't know If Ive ever commented on here - I found your blog via a few other NZ ones - and I discover you're also a HB girl and send your kids to the Christian school(?) (I went there as a girl and have many relatives there currently) So Hi! I'll pop in from time to time - we live in Noosa Heads, Aus currently - but intend to come back to HB as we own a house in Napier and miss our parents:)
So where do you print your photos? I used to print them at Harvey Norman but I didnt find the quality as good as Camera house.
Saskia x