Saturday, 8 June 2013


Little bits and pieces of our week


1 & 2 –  warm baby tootsies. / crunching autumn leaves underfoot

3 & 4 –  enjoying cosyness inside with extra layers on the bed and my new Mr & Mrs pillows  (If you haven't entered my giveaway for The Art Room, you really should! / enjoying crisp wind and sunshine outside enjoy while on this walk.

5 & 6 – brand new smiles / old(er) ones

7 & 8 – A now finished little craft project (to be revealed soon.) / A new project in the works (to be revealed much later.)

It was unintentional to pair these photos together like that, but it just seemed to work out that way (although some are more forced than others) – a happy accident, I guess!

What little things have made you smile this week?

Joining in with the lovely Em at The Beetle Shack



clare said...

Ooh Pipi is so cute. She looks like Noah! I can't wait to see what you're stitching in the last pic, I love stitching!
ps. You are amazing, you've kept up with blogging like you haven't even had a bubba!

Leonie said...

Gorgeous photos' - looks happy and peaceful :)

A little bit Country said...

Great pics, I've been enjoying a bit of craftiness with my stamp set too. Have a great week Jen! xo

Imogen Eve said...

Lovely photos, especially the first one, so precious.

I feel I must say I love your ships quilt and that triangle cushion is beautiful.