Sunday, 9 June 2013

PIPI GRACE– 1 month

I had been planning on charting Pipi’s growth and milestones in monthly ‘chair’ posts as I have seen all around the blogosphere, but then when I posted this pic on Facebook and Cass suggested that I chart Pipi’s growth in relation to her quilt. Genius! (Although really it’s just an excuse for me to post heaps more photos of my gorgeous babe and her quilt… but I guess my secret plan is now foiled!)

Pipi Brand newPipi Grace 1 month

Yesterday on the 9th of June, Pipi turned 1 month old and today we had a midwife appointment which confirmed that Pipi now weighs 4150g up from 3340g at birth (810g increase) and that she is thriving well – go Pipi!

Because I’m with her all the time I find the growth less noticeable than others, but seeing those 2 photos side by side – I can really see it!

Other observations are that Pipi’s much more alert, smiling a bit and all round a pretty chilled out little girl. I can’t wait to see all the other little milestones reached and see her personality develop further.


‘Oh, Hi!’



Thank you for letting me (once again) bombard you with all those baby cheeks and hexagons!

Jen x


Jess B said...

There's certainly worse things to be bombarded with than baby cheeks and hexagons! A very sweet little girl you have there. x

Jane said...

awww, love these pics, Pipi is so gorgeous! Amazing when you look back at photos how quickly babies grow and change aye. Love the one of the two of you too, she looks super alert!

Nin said...

I particularly love to picture of you and her together!

Sarah Martin said...

So sweet! She looks a lot like her mamma :)

Cassandra said...

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow and change!
I think I need to whip up a quilt now so that I can do this too.
She's just beautiful xo

Rhiannon said...

She's sooooo beautiful - and I love the pic of both of you. So sweet. Bombard away, I say! I will never tire of photos like these!