Wednesday, 26 June 2013


The source of creative inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes I can clearly pinpoint where my inspiration came from (especially when it comes as a sudden flash), while other times it’s less clear – it might have come from various different sources over a longer period of time. I find that little bits of inspiration are always (subconsciously) working their way into my brain, where they then take time to incubate and develop. Sometimes something (a style/ trend) that I previously disliked I find myself suddenly ‘getting’ and liking.

Inspiration and originality are two topics which often go hand in hand. Of course there’s out and out copying but true inspiration is different in that you build upon an existing idea and make it your own*. But of course, there’s often a fine line between the two (as there is with flattering someone and ripping them off).  In my days at law school, (before kids) I learnt that the protection of intellectual property is a balancing act – between protecting individual property rights, but on the other hand still promoting advancement of ideas and society and guarding against monopoly.

In the age of the world wide web we are bombarded with so many ideas and images and blatant copy-cating is often an unfortunate reality; BUT … the upside of all this excessive information sharing is that we can inspire each other in this creative community and spur each other on to higher creative heights.

Woah! This was meant to be just a simple post about this blog’s ‘new look’ (did you notice?) and the inspiration behind it.. but it’s morphed into something else. I find the whole topic rather fascinating, can you tell? I hope you do to, or you may have found the whole thing a bit of a snooze fest!



L: from this pin (original link broken) / R: from this pin via flickr

Well anyway … recently I felt the need to search Pinterest for images of Swiss cross (/plus sign) quilts. I love this contemporary, simple yet cool style and would love to make a quilt like this one day.

I’m not sure how you use Pinterest, but for me about 30% of the time I’m inspired by images I see on there randomly and for the other 70% of the time I already have the seed of inspiration in my brain from another source and I’m either using Pinterest as an image searching tool to find what I’m looking for (sooo much better than google images btw); or as a way to bookmark something I’ve independently found on the net.

And then, when I had the urge to update my blog header  and general ‘look’ of my blog (I seem to get this urge periodically),  I found myself again being inspired by this modern, clean motif.

opt 3


And, subconsciously, it seems by Isabelle’s gorgeous new Croutons hoodie made by the uber talented and lovely Rhiannon, which is on it’s way to us now, eeek, exciting!

Interestingly enough I seem to commonly be inspired by fabric – as I was with my last header design. Actually this is a pretty common theme for me, many of my sewing projects stem from being inspired by the fabric first. Do you find this too?

What are your thoughts on inspiration? Do you find this topic fascinating too? What’s currently inspiring you?

I would love to know!

Jenny x


*My rule of thumb is; Inspiration is fine but don’t out and out copy, always give credit where credit is due and don’t mess with someone’s creative livelihood, their little business. For some reason I don’t feel so bad about making ‘knock offs’ of things from bigger companies to save me $ - but only for personal use.


A little bit Country said...

I love your new header. Looks great. xo

Miriam said...

I love the new look - it's gorgeous. I find fabric incredibly inspiring too. There are a lot of times I think I am doing something original, only to find later someone has done something similar. Like you I hate the thought of knocking off someone's livelihood but then sometimes that stops me making something in case people think I am copying..... it's tricky. Because I currently have no desire to sell my stuff I think this helps a bit.

Suz said...

Hi jenny. I have a need to change my header every six to twelve months too. I wonder if I will ever settle on just one. Your new one is really cool. I love crosses too. I LOVE crosses quilts - especially ones where they butt up to each other. Pinterest is awesome for inspiration. I love it!