Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I ♥ Book Depository

When I have a new baby I like to aid in the toddler-baby bonding process through reciprocal gift giving. The kids meet the new baby and present him/her with a little gift and the baby, in turn also gives them a wee pressie. It’s also a nice way of making a bit of a fuss of the older kids in a time when everything seems to be about the new baby. I did it when Isabelle was born and then again with Pipi (although I think Noah did wonder how Pipi stored her gifts while in-utero! He’s a thinker, that one!)

Because my kids have a copious amount of toys, I/ Pipi decided that their gifts this time would be books which I bought from Book Depository.

I’d heard about Book Depository a couple of years ago, but this is the first time made a purchase from them. I was pretty impressed. With free shipping worldwide and over 9 million titles available, what’s not to like? Plus their prices are soooo much cheaper than my local book stores.

For example, I bought Igy Peck, Architect for Noah for NZD $13.75*, compared to our main bookselling chain which stocked it at the price of $27.99 at that time.

And the book I bought Isabelle, Belle & Boo and the Birthday Surprise; I bought for $19.01 compared to $29.99.

Igy Peck, Architect was a perfect fit for Noah, as Andrew has a little architecture practice and Noah seems to also share his Dad’s passion for construction and design (see one of his Kindy ‘creations’ below!) And the storyline and illustrations are wonderfully quirky, so it’s a joy to read as an adult (over and over again, as I’m often requested to!)


Belle & Boo and the Birthday Surprise was perfect for my little (Isa)Belle too and I love the sweet storyline and gorgeous illustrations. It also had the bonus of a gorgeous free A4 sized print which Isabelle now has framed, hanging in her room.


I love all things Belle & Boo and have just pre-ordered The Belle & Boo Book of Craft from Book Depository! Yay!

Here are a couple more books that I have on my Book Depository wish list:

Crafty books:

Make Hey While the Sun Shines  / Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

Books for the kids that remind me of my childhood:

The Milly Molly Mandy Storybook / The Jolly PostmanGo Dog Go!

Actually, I’m tempted to buy Go Dog Go! right now, it would be a perfect learn to read book for Noah and I do have a little credit in my paypal account. My brother, sister and I still talk about this book. We had a tree at one of our childhood homes that was right up the back of the section and we used to climb up and have a great view of our whole neighbourhood. We used to call it the ‘Go, Dog, Go tree’! Ah the nostalgia!

What books are on your wish list/ do you love from your childhood?

Jen x

*All prices in this post are in NZD. The prices quoted are what there were when I made my purchases and of course do fluctuate.

Also, you should know (in the interests of full disclosure) as a Book Depository affiliate I earn commission if someone buys a book from there after being referred from my blog. However, you should also know that I never recommend something I don’t stand behind. And lets be honest, I’m probably just going to spend it on more books.


Becca said...

My class are 5-6 year olds and they absolutely adore Mo Willems books - Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and ALL the Elephant and Piggie books. I've never ever seen kids so interested in reading, so might be worth a look as your kids get older :).

I love Book Depository and use it all the time for books for my classroom (and occasionally me!

Leonie Kuypers said...

Love Book Depository - use it frequently!!

Anonymous said...

I buy far far too many books from Book Depository, love them! Go Dog Go looks familiar to me, I wonder if I read it as a kid. I bought Each Peach Pear plum for my baby which I had. And Hairy MacClary and far too many other things. Oh and the Oliver and S book is AWESOME. Buy it!

Lauren- SAHM I am said...

I used the Book Depository frequently last year, but was caught up in the whole debacle when books got tied up in customs, and 18 books I ordered did not arrive in time for Christmas even though I ordered on the 19th November. I am a bit scared to give them another chance but I did love their range and prices.