Sunday, 30 June 2013


Bits and pieces from our week …


1 & 2 – Helping Mum make pancakes (as seen here.) Gosh that ponytail is getting long!

3 & 4 – Happy mail. Mittens for Noah and Isabelle from Nana Jocelyn and lots (192) photos that I got printed out, including some thank you cards that I might just share with you at a later date

5 –  The result of a successful dental nurse visit – one of FOUR medical appointments we had this week! Discharge from midwife, Noah’s eye appointment, 6 week check and immunisations and the dental nurse! Phew, here’s to a quieter week this week!

6 – A very delicious antipasto late Saturday lunch/ early dinner! Yum!

7 – All of our worldly possessions outside (well at least those in the lounge and our bedroom. We hired a carpet cleaner today. Feeling very productive (and clean!)

What did YOU get up to this week?

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Saturday, 29 June 2013



“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Noah: Using his chalkboard laptop. He told me he needed to show his ‘wife’ some ‘business stuff’ on his laptop. When I asked who his ‘wife’ was he informed me it was me – apparently I’m his Mum and his Wife!

Isabelle: Helping me make pancakes. She always wants to help with cooking.

Pipi: So smiley and increasingly alert and responsive.

These little people are growing so fast!

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Jen x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Goodbye Google reader … Hello Bloglovin’

google readergoogle reader 2google reader 3

You may have heard by now that Google reader is shutting down in a few days. I previously had been using Google reader to keep up to date with my favourite blogs, but I’ve been using Bloglovin' as well for a little while and I plan to use it instead of Google reader come 1 July.

Bloglovin' allows you to organize the blogs you follow (either publicly or privately) into categories, makes it easy to discover new blogs, has a free app for easily reading blogs on the go, and gives you the possibility to like posts (and such find all your favourite posts on one page). You can easily create an account on here, find me on Bloglovin' right here, and import your favourite blogs from Google reader to Bloglovin' in one click here. (So like Pipi said ‘She’s got this!’ Easy as, right?)

You can also Mend and Make New on Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, and Twitter (although I’m new to that and just working the whole tweeting/hash-tag business out!)

Thank you for following our day to day adventures and for all your comments and support – one of my favourite parts of blogging is all the interaction with you guys, my readers and fellow bloggers!

Jen x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


The source of creative inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes I can clearly pinpoint where my inspiration came from (especially when it comes as a sudden flash), while other times it’s less clear – it might have come from various different sources over a longer period of time. I find that little bits of inspiration are always (subconsciously) working their way into my brain, where they then take time to incubate and develop. Sometimes something (a style/ trend) that I previously disliked I find myself suddenly ‘getting’ and liking.

Inspiration and originality are two topics which often go hand in hand. Of course there’s out and out copying but true inspiration is different in that you build upon an existing idea and make it your own*. But of course, there’s often a fine line between the two (as there is with flattering someone and ripping them off).  In my days at law school, (before kids) I learnt that the protection of intellectual property is a balancing act – between protecting individual property rights, but on the other hand still promoting advancement of ideas and society and guarding against monopoly.

In the age of the world wide web we are bombarded with so many ideas and images and blatant copy-cating is often an unfortunate reality; BUT … the upside of all this excessive information sharing is that we can inspire each other in this creative community and spur each other on to higher creative heights.

Woah! This was meant to be just a simple post about this blog’s ‘new look’ (did you notice?) and the inspiration behind it.. but it’s morphed into something else. I find the whole topic rather fascinating, can you tell? I hope you do to, or you may have found the whole thing a bit of a snooze fest!



L: from this pin (original link broken) / R: from this pin via flickr

Well anyway … recently I felt the need to search Pinterest for images of Swiss cross (/plus sign) quilts. I love this contemporary, simple yet cool style and would love to make a quilt like this one day.

I’m not sure how you use Pinterest, but for me about 30% of the time I’m inspired by images I see on there randomly and for the other 70% of the time I already have the seed of inspiration in my brain from another source and I’m either using Pinterest as an image searching tool to find what I’m looking for (sooo much better than google images btw); or as a way to bookmark something I’ve independently found on the net.

And then, when I had the urge to update my blog header  and general ‘look’ of my blog (I seem to get this urge periodically),  I found myself again being inspired by this modern, clean motif.

opt 3


And, subconsciously, it seems by Isabelle’s gorgeous new Croutons hoodie made by the uber talented and lovely Rhiannon, which is on it’s way to us now, eeek, exciting!

Interestingly enough I seem to commonly be inspired by fabric – as I was with my last header design. Actually this is a pretty common theme for me, many of my sewing projects stem from being inspired by the fabric first. Do you find this too?

What are your thoughts on inspiration? Do you find this topic fascinating too? What’s currently inspiring you?

I would love to know!

Jenny x


*My rule of thumb is; Inspiration is fine but don’t out and out copy, always give credit where credit is due and don’t mess with someone’s creative livelihood, their little business. For some reason I don’t feel so bad about making ‘knock offs’ of things from bigger companies to save me $ - but only for personal use.

Monday, 24 June 2013


Little bits and pieces of last week


1 – Red spotty gumboots make hanging out washing much more enjoyable (I snapped these up from Countdown – my local supermarket for $20!)

2 – Lots of smiles!

3 & 4 – My little window washers. Some call it child labour, round here we call it water play.

5 – A coffee and fluffy from the home ‘cafe’

6 – Cross stitching this mainly while breastfeeding and in other stolen snippets. Thanks to the people at Belle & Boo for sending me the pdf pattern. I hope to reveal the finishing product to you in the next couple of weeks.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013



“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Noah: Bubble blowing. What is it about this that kids love so much?

Isabelle: A natural beauty – I love the way this photo captures the sunlight in the wisps of her hair.

Pipi: Taking after her sister (and wearing a stretch and grow that has been worn by both of her siblings.)

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Jen x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Jamie Kay : Giveaway

I recently stumbled upon Jamie Kay;  a beautiful online store with a gorgeous collection of hand picked items under the categories of: fashion & beauty, homewares, children, and vintage.

It really is a feast for the eyes, Jamie clearly has amazing taste!

It was hard to keep it brief (as there are soooo many lovely things), but here are just a few of my favourite things from the Jamie Kay shop

Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings / Anselme Vintage Cat Cushion

Swallows Decal

Felt ball rug

Yellow Welcome SignSwarovski Crystal Earrings Yellow

Can you see now why I found it so hard to be brief? So much beauty! Make sure you check out Jamie Kay to see for yourself!

Jamie has kindly agreed to give one of my lucky readers $30 credit to spend at her store!

This is how you can enter:

For your first (and mandatory) entry you just need to comment here on this post and tell me what your favourite product in the Jamie Kay shop.

You can also earn bonus entries as follows (please leave a separate comment for each):

Bonus entry 1# Follow this blog (GFC/ Bloglovin'/ Facebook)

Bonus entry 2# Like Jamie Kay on Facebook

Bonus entry 3#  Share this giveaway on your choice of social media (FB/ twitter/ blog)

[The T’s & C’s: Please leave separate comments per entry and include your email address if it’s not linked in your profile. The winner will be drawn on  1 July 2013 at 8pm (via This giveaway is open to NZ residents only and if the winner can not be reached after 1 week a new winner will be drawn.]

Good luck!

Thanks again to the lovely Jamie for providing this opportunity!

Jen x

…And the winner of the Art Room giveaway is …

Lucky number 80 – nephieclaire! Congrats Stephanie I will email you shortly!

And for the rest of you don’t despair, just console yourself by snapping up some unique Art Room goodies over at their felt shop

Other Art Room goodies - Mum Tea towel , Owl and Leaf stamp set

Also I hope it lessens your pain to know that I might just have another giveaway or two up my sleeve to share with you in the near future!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nana Knits


There is nothing nicer than a Nana knitted garment. My kids are very lucky in that they have my Mother-in-law, my Mum and my Nana (amongst others) that knit for them!

My Mother-in-law recently finished knitting this gorgeous double breasted car coat and beret for Isabelle. The wool she used is so lovely and soft and is a merino, possum blend. The pattern is from the book Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger. I love this book it is so awesome!


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might remember the Vintage Pixie Hat I knitted for Isabelle, also from this book.

My, how much she’s grown!

Thank you Nana Jocelyn for such a lovely coat and hat, I know Isabelle is going to get a lot of wear out of them both this and probably the next Winter to come!


linking up with WKWW and (on behalf of my Mother-in-law’s awesome skillz) my creative spaceShow and Tell and make it wear it.

Jen x

P.S. Have YOU entered my giveaway yet? It closes tomorrow (20/6/13) so you better get in quick!

Sunday, 16 June 2013



A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Isabelle: “I’m a cat!” My poor wee girl has been struck down with a nasty cold hence the rugging up when outside (at least her winter woolies are adorable, right? You might as well be warm and stylish!)

Noah: Loving the sparklers. He was also hit with the cold but is such a little battle-axe, always quick to shake off bugs quickly and not one to moan about it.

Pipi: All toasty and warm. Pipi has been the latest casualty of this nasty cold. Turns out it’s hard to feed with a blocked nose. My Mother-in-law was visiting in the weekend and suggested I put vicks vapour-rub on myself so she could breathe it in while feeding – such a great tip!

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Jen x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I ♥ Book Depository

When I have a new baby I like to aid in the toddler-baby bonding process through reciprocal gift giving. The kids meet the new baby and present him/her with a little gift and the baby, in turn also gives them a wee pressie. It’s also a nice way of making a bit of a fuss of the older kids in a time when everything seems to be about the new baby. I did it when Isabelle was born and then again with Pipi (although I think Noah did wonder how Pipi stored her gifts while in-utero! He’s a thinker, that one!)

Because my kids have a copious amount of toys, I/ Pipi decided that their gifts this time would be books which I bought from Book Depository.

I’d heard about Book Depository a couple of years ago, but this is the first time made a purchase from them. I was pretty impressed. With free shipping worldwide and over 9 million titles available, what’s not to like? Plus their prices are soooo much cheaper than my local book stores.

For example, I bought Igy Peck, Architect for Noah for NZD $13.75*, compared to our main bookselling chain which stocked it at the price of $27.99 at that time.

And the book I bought Isabelle, Belle & Boo and the Birthday Surprise; I bought for $19.01 compared to $29.99.

Igy Peck, Architect was a perfect fit for Noah, as Andrew has a little architecture practice and Noah seems to also share his Dad’s passion for construction and design (see one of his Kindy ‘creations’ below!) And the storyline and illustrations are wonderfully quirky, so it’s a joy to read as an adult (over and over again, as I’m often requested to!)


Belle & Boo and the Birthday Surprise was perfect for my little (Isa)Belle too and I love the sweet storyline and gorgeous illustrations. It also had the bonus of a gorgeous free A4 sized print which Isabelle now has framed, hanging in her room.


I love all things Belle & Boo and have just pre-ordered The Belle & Boo Book of Craft from Book Depository! Yay!

Here are a couple more books that I have on my Book Depository wish list:

Crafty books:

Make Hey While the Sun Shines  / Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

Books for the kids that remind me of my childhood:

The Milly Molly Mandy Storybook / The Jolly PostmanGo Dog Go!

Actually, I’m tempted to buy Go Dog Go! right now, it would be a perfect learn to read book for Noah and I do have a little credit in my paypal account. My brother, sister and I still talk about this book. We had a tree at one of our childhood homes that was right up the back of the section and we used to climb up and have a great view of our whole neighbourhood. We used to call it the ‘Go, Dog, Go tree’! Ah the nostalgia!

What books are on your wish list/ do you love from your childhood?

Jen x

*All prices in this post are in NZD. The prices quoted are what there were when I made my purchases and of course do fluctuate.

Also, you should know (in the interests of full disclosure) as a Book Depository affiliate I earn commission if someone buys a book from there after being referred from my blog. However, you should also know that I never recommend something I don’t stand behind. And lets be honest, I’m probably just going to spend it on more books.