Monday, 20 May 2013

Then & Now

I am so blessed to live in a beautiful part of New Zealand. Since last December we’ve been living in Clive, Hawkes Bay and are literally 5-10mins walk from amazing limestone tracks that edge both sides of the Clive River. I have to confess, though, that since living out here I hadn’t walked these tracks… that is until now.

We first walked along the limestone paths almost 2 weeks ago now on Wednesday 8 May. My sister (Auntie) Holly was staying with us and I had been experiencing pretty consistent contactions since Monday (but in the early stages with slow progress), so the walk was great to try and speed things up and also to take my mind off things and get some fresh air at the same time. We walked with Mum, her partner Tony and their dogs and also Isabelle who along with Noah, Mum had been looking after since Monday – so it was great to see them too. (Noah was at kindy at the time.)

The weather was glorious, the company superb and scenery beautiful. We walked for about 2 hours and at the end of it I felt good, refreshed and energised and my contractions increased in frequency and intensity.

(I ended up having Pipi the next day.)


And now …

On Thursday 16 May we once again walked the limestone tracks with Mum, Tony, Isabelle and the dogs. Once again Noah was at kindy. Two key things were different though – Auntie Holly had returned to Wellington and Pipi was now with us – in the outside world – well all rugged up in the inside of her buggy at least – it was a slightly chillier day than our previous walk.

We also took the path on the opposite side of the river this time.

As we walked along chatting and remembering our previous walk, it suddenly dawned on us that Pipi was 1 week old on that day and at 4.15pm we looked at our watches and remembered. (Or in my case I looked at the time on my cell phone as my watch had recently broken – possibly a sign to slow down and enjoy this fleeting time with a newborn, perhaps?)

We’ve since walked this track again, on Saturday – this time just our little family unit – Andrew, I and our 3 kids. I think it’s going to become a favourite family pastime.


And while I’m on the topic of ‘then and now’ I really should make mention of something I raised in my last post. I said ‘things were going really well’ etc etc… Well, what a difference a couple of days can make! Things are still going pretty well, in that Pipi is a pretty cruisy baby and all that, but on Sunday Isabelle and I were both struck down with a tummy bug! Not nice, especially when you’ve still got to feed a hungry baby and can’t eat or drink anything yourself! Fortunately, we were grateful for small victories such as – the fact that Mum had recently helped getting my dryer back working (spewed on washing and heavy rain is not a good combo); that the bug was very short lived (just one day) and that no one else (including Pipi) got it. Actually I’m claiming those last 2 as big victories!

I saw my midwife yesterday and she told me to expect Pipi to feed LOTS in the next 24 hours to make up for the fact that I’d had the bug and to re-boost my milk supply… and my goodness she was NOT joking! Last night was pretty exhausting! BUT … I’m grateful to know that this will be short-lived too and for a good reason. Knowledge really is power!

Have you ever had a tummy bug with a young baby before? I have once before when Isabelle was a couple of months old and I managed to faint on the census lady who knocked on the door at the wrong time! Poor lady!

I hope your week is going well and that you’re staying in good health!

Jenny x


clare said...

Yes that happened to me with Elosie :( She was about 3 weeks old and I got a vomiting bug. Luckily I was the only one who got it, and it only lasted a day, but MAN OH MAN, breastfeeding a newborn with a tummy bug is the WORST. Take care!

thingsforboys said...

That was so lovely to read! I really need to start going for walks to get this baby moving! I never had a tummy bug while breastfeeding last doesn't sound like fun. Glad it was a quick one!

Leonie said...

Yuk for being sick! Yay for having lovely family time!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Being sick when you're a mama is the worst! I had "morning" sickness for the first 2/3 of my pregnancy and trying to run after my three year old was brutal!

Hootnz said...

You poor thing! It's not fun...thats happened to me a couple of times, the day after my first was born I developed a strep throat that turned into a raging fever....and that happened again with my second....third and fourth just a run down cold...seems to be the way my body responds.