Thursday, 16 May 2013

Little Feet


Yesterday I painted Pipi’s feet gold and made these cute little prints of them; in an unashamed copy of this idea from Bleubird Vintage.

It proved trickier than I thought because Pipi kept curling her little toes right at the wrong moments. But I’m very happy with the result.

And here I am once again unashamedly re-sharing this photo, just because it’s so darn cute! Love those tootsies!


You might remember that this idea was in my baby room inspiration post. I’m feeling pretty good that I’ve managed to tick a few things off that list.

Jen x


jacksta said...

oooh those tootsies do look delicious!

A little bit Country said...

Such a lovely idea. xo

Leonie said...

Gorgeous! It's one thing I wish I did with my kidlets! So precious x