Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Handmade Generosity

When I first started this blogging lark I was aiming to just to record memories of my kid’s childhoods and things I made. But very quickly I began to desire connections with other bloggers and some lovely new friendships were made.

Ros from Sew Delicious and Abby from Things for Boys are couple of Australian bloggers that I’ve never meet in met in ‘real’ life but nonetheless count as real life friends.

You might remember that recently Ros, myself and a few other crafty bloggers surprised Abby (who is expecting baby boy #2 soon) with a virtual baby shower… Well… now it was Ros and Abby’s turn to surprise me!

A couple of days ago I received this parcel of handmade goodness in the mail…


Ros made the 2 gorgeous bibs and lovely zip pouch and Abby made the cute little pants. The handmade cards are pretty adorable too, right?

Thanks so much, you guys – you are so sweet!

I also recently received this cute little ruffle tee from a friend Lydia, who has a business - Little Kiwis – making and selling baby clothes.

Thanks Lydia, I can’t wait ‘til Pipi grows into it!

There’s just one more piece of cuteness I want to share with you. Yesterday I was at my friend, Anna’s house and she gave me (well actually Pipi – but these gifts sometimes feel like they are for me) a gorgeous grey merino top and this cute little Belle & Boo card that she had framed and personalised.



I feel very spoilt!

…Actually, I have told you a lie… I just said that would be the last bit of cuteness I was sharing, but that is not true … because I can’t seem to resist writing a blog post without this little face making an appearance somewhere … 2 weeks old today!


I think the only thing that could top this amazing handmade haul was if I was to win this AMAZING giveaway hosted by the lovely Stella! Pretty, pretty please!

Jen x


Lydia said...

Wat a snuggly wee thing. and you are very welcome :-)

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Yay they arrived safe and sound! So glad that you like them :) xox

Barbara said...

Lovely gifts, aren't blogger friendships great? Pipi looks handsome, what a lovely chubby baby cheeks!! How are you feeling?


Leonie said...

Oh so lovely! and how wonderful to be spoiled! :)

Miriam said...

oh that is so sweet and well deserved x

thingsforboys said...

So glad you like them. It was lots of fun putting together a gift for you (and Pipi). Can't wait to see some action shots xx

Hootnz said...

Gorgeous Pipi! and so lovely to have such awesome friendships through blogging :)

Rhiannon said...

Beeeeyootiful gifties and even more gorgeous wee babe. So much sweetness in one post!