Monday, 13 May 2013


I’ve been enjoying soaking up some time bonding with little Pipi Grace these last few days. Of course, not everything is 100% rosy all of the time  – I can see that life with 3 is much more hard work than life with 2 (obviously), and poor little Isy’s been struck down with a bad case of the hand, foot and mouth virus; but I’ve had such amazing support from family and friends and every time I look at that little girl I can’t help but smile.

I’ve also really been enjoying my baby nook. It’s such a lovely place to feed and rest and I love that I was able to create it so cheaply, everything is either handmade or second hand.


1. Tiny, wrinkly slightly overcooked feet.

2 – 6. Some little corners of my baby nook (as seen previously, in various stages of completeness here and here.)

7. My little Pipi Grace loving her hammock

8. Baby paraphernalia

9. Lovely gifts of soap for pampering

10. Is it just me or does the quilt suddenly look HUGE

11. Little beady eyes

Joining in with the weekly ‘stills collection’ over with Em at The Beetle Shack.



Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Argh I want to fly over there and have some cuddles!! xx

Cassandra said...

Nawwww! I love baby feet shots... she's gorgeous!
I've got 14 weeks to go as of today and this little miss is kicking like crazy. These pics make me want the time to go fast!!!
Poor little Isy :( Hope she's on the mend soon xo

Juliet tartankiwi said...

Awwww, doesn't she look proud of her quilt! Sending you and your family lots of love and support.

Mrs Knight said...

aww my Mr3 had that recently, with a newborn in our home too. Unfortunately not much advice, if itchy cold water on hands and feet, pamol at night if you use it. Quick recovery wishes xx
Ohhh Pipi sweet name! beauti

jacksta said...

Ali said...

Your baby nook is gorgeous and your wee one even more so!

thingsforboys said...

It must feel good to have that gorgeous girl laying on your beautiful quilt! So sweet! Poor Isabelle, hope she's feeling better soon xx

Jess B said...

Oh, the photo of Pipi's feet made me coo out loud! Baby feet are so sweet! I really like your nook's colour scheme - we're in the middle of renovations at the moment to make space for this baby, but I'm thinking ahead to how I'm going to decorate and I might steal some of your ideas!

sascedar said...

oh happy baby days, and welcome to the three club! it's really very different indeed. take it slow, take care. love all the pretty around you, too, that must be very soothing. have a sweet day ;)sarah

Leonie said...

Absolutely lovely! Glad you're enjoying it, and yes, three is a big difference to two :) precious moments and pictures x

imkrystal said...

How does Pipi Grace like her Hushamok hammock? Our bubba's all used them, and they were awesome for rocking little ones back to sleep :)