Friday, 17 May 2013



“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Noah:  Daddy bought the kids some new duplo. Noah asked me to photograph him and his “tall towers”

Isabelle: My poor darling has been struck down with a bad case of the hand, foot and mouth virus. She’s been completely out of sorts all week, but was happy to spend a morning painting and eating ice blocks.

Pipi: All bundled up for her first outing. She charmed a table full of elderly citizens at our local cafe.

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Jen x

P.S. Thanks to all of you for your lovely well wishes and messages of congratulations. I’ve also had a few people remark with surprise that I’m back blogging having only just had a baby. To be honest I’m a bit surprised too – I totally anticipated taking a blog break (not that I wont take one later, I’m just going with how I’m feeling), but things have been going really well. We’ve been spending a lot of time at home and taking things slowly. I like this because I’m a bit of a home body.

We’ve also had amazing support – my sister and sister-in-law did all domestic jobs round the house those first few days, my Mum’s taken the (bigger) kids out quite a bit and had them stay over and I’ve had meals cooked every night by people from church. This combined with the fact that (so far) Pipi seems to be a dream baby, my mastery of one finger typing while feeding, and my desire to share with the WORLD how gorgeous my baby is … has meant that I’ve been blogging more than I thought I would. Also most of my posts are basically just photos and some were pre-written … but please be assured that I am taking time out to rest and relax … actually I tend to find crafting and blogging pretty restful and relaxing.


kate said...

we are all bug free now and I seriously need to snuggle this wee bebe... i just want to eat her all up!! Too adorable for words.. xx

Jane George said...

oh how adorable! congratulations xxxx

Rebecca Alexis said...

these three! what beautiful sweet gorgeous children you have! congrats on your newest bundle! These three photos are ever so sweet. Hope your sweet Isabelle is feeling better soon. xxoo

T'lia said...

LOVE your tower Noah! Great job!

Sophie Allen said...

What beautiful children you have. Congrats on your new baby and also on getting back to blogging.
Great tower!

Anonymous said...

Ohh... how adorable newborns are!!!