Friday, 10 May 2013

19/52 {The first meeting}

Photographically speaking I’m certain that there are much photos than this, with better composition, focus etc and definitely better lighting. But what do you expect from a dimly lit room designed for labouring and introducing a new baby into the world?

But despite this, I’m quite sure that this will be one of my favourite photos of in my portrait project. It’s the subject matter that makes it. Noah, Isabelle and little Pipi Grace meeting for the first time. Noah was adorable – whispering and gazing with adoration. Isabelle while still besotted was probably more excited by the hospital room and was still working things out.


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Noah: The protective older brother, simply adorable. At the time of this photo, he lent over to me and whispered: “Mum, our baby doesn’t have feets.” (she was wrapped in a blanket at the time.)

Isabelle: Just starting to understand more and whats going on. She refers to Pipi as “Puppy”

Pipi: Just beautiful – she looked so much like her brother at birth, but is now I can see some similarities with Isabelle.

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Jen x

Yay! I can’t believe I have THREE to photograph from now on!


Days Of Our Lives said...

Wow Jenny, she is here and you are a family of 5. Huge Congrats! Do you remember the first email we shared and I told you that we had the same taste in names. That Lucy was going to be a Noah had she been a boy and Olli a Isabelle. Would you believe me that Pippi was Nathan's back up. For reals. Absolutly love her name, Pippi Grace. Looking forward to meeting her in the flesh and seeing you, super Mum. Well done!

Hootnz said...

You don't need a pro photo to show how exciting that moment was for you all....absolutely adorable when kids meet their youngest sibling :) Love these beautiful memories you are capturing :)

Leonie said...

Oh Bless - we have photo's pretty much exactly the same - light not great but the delight... priceless x