Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Stills – a nesting edition


  1. In a burst of nesting energy last week, I decided to wash some baby clothes – all the new born sized unisex ones and a selection of Noah and Isabelle’s old boy and girl ones. This is the funnest kind of washing!
  2. Boys on the left, girls on the right – which pile will this baby be wearing, I wonder?
  3. I can’t quite believe that Noah used to be able to fit in this wee stretch and grow!
  4. Plodding along with more of this.
  5. As above
  6. Residue from sewing – little threads on the bump (amongst other pieces of lint.)
  7. An awesome giveaway prize I won c/- BaoBaby's Facebook page. It also included a BeBops nappy and some Green Monkey Organic Baby Food.
  8. The nappy rash (“Bum Bum Balm”) looks great.


Belatedly joining in with the lovely Em over at the Beetle Shack (man how much do I love her current header! Wow!)

Jen x


thingsforboys said...

Oh, your first picture makes me really want to wash all mine! I love baby things on the line.

kate said...

oh how exciting!!!
can't wait

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

I am LOVING that hexie quilt. Just beautiful! x

Hootnz said...

Awww love the little baby grows! and the hexie quilt looks like it coming along nicely :)

Max said...

I am in love with that hexie quilt your making, the colours and patterns work so well together x

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Tiny laundry hanging on the line always makes me smile!

Leonie said...

Ohhh baby clothes!!! So cute, so tiny! Yay for progress :) enjoy the nesting and resting :)

Katrina@capturingmomentss said...

How exciting! all those little clothes. This posts makes me all clucky for a third!
I am so glad I found your blog, I will be joining in Em's Weekly Stills from this week onwards!
xx Katrina