Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My baby shower (before and after pics)

On Saturday I had a baby shower thrown for me by my friend Marie and sister-in-law Natasha. I forgot to take photos during the party (I guess I was having too much fun enjoying everyone’s company) but I did manage to take some before and after – so mainly just of food, decorations and presents!


We made a whole lot of these carrot cupcakes and they were pretty delicious, but I may have indulged in a little too much of the  left over cream cheese icing before hand!


These tasty morsels were made by my husband – his specialty (and they were a big hit!)


I received some lovely gifts including some handmade ones – like the gorgeous bibs above made by my friend, Kate and some awesome slings made by another friend, Tamara.

We played a couple of games and my guests were invited to write funny or encouraging things on some newborn nappies. Apparently I have to save these for the middle of the night when I need a reason to smile. Here are a few of my favourites …


All in all a lovely time was had celebrating with friends and family.

Jen x


Miriam said...

sounds like a beautiful time. I always over-indulge on the icing too! :o)

thingsforboys said...

I cannot resist cream cheese icing either! I love the messages on nappies idea...never seen that before.