Friday, 5 April 2013


It appears that our Indian Summer seems to be drawing to a close. It’s been glorious, but I have to say that I’ve found a day or two of cooler weather to be a bit of a welcome relief, given my current stage of pregnancy.

Speaking of which I decided to include a bump pic in this weeks instalment of the portrait project, considering it’s not long now ‘til our #3 will leave it’s position ‘wombside’ and will come and join us in the big, bright outside world.

I took these photos yesterday when we spent an overcast morning at the park.

IsabelleNoah 2bump

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Isabelle: Deep in thought on the swing. “I’m so tired Mummy” she said.

Noah: A new skateboard and some Autumn leaves. Bliss.

Bump: 36 weeks now and counting … I feel that I have so so much to do before you make your entrance!

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…And of course, I can’t resist sharing a few more photos of our time at the park ,‘boogers’ (Isabelle’s words) and all. (Sorry!)


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Stella Rutherford said...

cute photos! And I love Isabelle's outfit - adorable!

A little bit Country said...

Love your bump pic! xo

Caffy Bundy said...

You look great! I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I hope I look as bumpilicious as you do at 36 weeks!


Bundana @

Jane George said...

ooo loving the bump and the bottom crawling through the tunnel! as always just beautiful xxx