Wednesday, 13 March 2013

{Scrap Bag Swap 2013} Sent … and a little project

You might remember that as part of this year’s Scrap Bag Swap I received this beautiful scrap bag and fabric scraps from the lovely Clare of Green Valley Crafts.

Well this is what I sent to my partner, Treena-Marie of Creative Mama


You can see I got quite carried away with a bit of stamping! I’m glad Treena-Marie likes her bag and scraps (you can read her post about this here.)

…And speaking of scraps, here’s a fabric covered tin I made yesterday (in about 15 or so minutes), out of some of the scraps I received.


This is such an easy project, but before I explain a basic how to, I want to share with you a bit about the tin’s special contents:


On Monday my Mum entrusted Noah with these amazing (and very old) Thomas the Tank Engine books. They were my Granddad’s (the top signature), then my Dad’s and then they were handed down to my brother, Tom. Now Noah has the job of reading and looking after them. (I plan to give them to Tom if he has his own kids one day.)


Because of the preciousness of these books it is important that they are looked after well. That is why Mum gave Noah this tin (which was formally the home to some after tasty dinner mints). As much as I love after dinner mints – this tin was making me feel hungry every time I saw it, and besides I wanted something a bit more pretty.

Enter, the fabric scraps and Mod Podge. Basically I cut the fabric out in scraps (I was going for kind of a patch-worked look) and stuck them to the tin using Mod Podge. (I made sure I didn’t put any fabric under where the edges of the lid went so it wouldn’t be too bulky to shut.)

The Mod Podge is great because it sticks to everything and makes the fabric stiff and strongly fused to the tin.

Done! (I told you it was easy!)


Joining in with my creative space and Show and Tell

Jen x


Leonie said...

awesome bag and that tin is so cool! I am definitely adding it to my list!

Ninotchka McKay said...

I love it that you went nuts with the stamping - its such a lovely parcel of goodies! Kudos for using your scraps already - the Thomas books are fantastic - what treasure.

Mrs A said...

Great idea for the books! Thanks again for the wonderful bag and scraps!

A little bit Country said...

My Tom would love those books. Wonderful that they are carefully being handed down xo

Lisa said...

awesome scrap bag !! coming in from Leonies show and tell and now following
hugs xo

Miriam said...

I love the stamping you did and the bag and the tin idea is totally inspired. :o)

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Gorgeous scrap bag Jen - the stamp makes it perfect! How precious are those Thomas books!? What a lovely family heirloom!

Wayne_Leonie Kuypers said...

Wow, the Thomas books are awesome! And I like what you did with the tin too!