Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nursery Art and Nesting


On Tuesday I made this simple artwork to hang by the new baby’s change table. It was a bit hard to photograph, but essentially its just some letters stamped on cute fabric in a bright yellow frame.

(I tend to sing “you are my sunshine” to my babies when they are little. And I have one particularly vivid memory of singing it to a very colicky Noah in the middle of one very looong night.)


Our region had recently been declared to be suffering a drought and we were getting some much needed rain at the time I was making this, so I thought the rain clouds were rather fitting. It also fits with my overall theme of yellow, hot air balloons and clouds and things (see my unisex baby inspiration post here).

I use the word ‘nursery’ (in ‘Nursery Art’) in quite a broad sense, as the baby will actually be in our room for the first 4-6 months. Fortunately we have a quite a bit of space in our room, and I’ve been enjoying starting to set things up in there.

We haven’t any drawers for the baby yet so I have instead put the change table in our room and bought some wire baskets under it in which to store little clothes and bits and bobs. I initially wanted yellow wire baskets, but these were hard to come by. Someone suggested that I could spray paint them with auto paint (a great idea), but I quite like the white and to be honest really can’t be bothered!


I’ve been plodding away on the hexagon quilt too, although now I’m thinking of making it bassinet not cot size! We’ll see.

Speaking of bassinets, we still haven’t decided whether we are going to use a bassinet or baby hammock yet. At any rate the hammock/ bassinet with be positioned next to the change table near the head of our bed, and will have the hot air balloon hanging over it and this Sweet William print.

I just love organising a baby nursery/ nook!

I have a few more decorating ideas, but now have to decide which ones I’m going to do … you could say I have too many ideas!

Joining in with my creative space and Show and Tell.

Jenny x


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Gorgeous Jen! Love those new organic fabrics from Spotty - they are lovely and very unisex :)

Max said...

I love the nesting stage, all the while imagining you little boy or girl being there. The framed fabric print looks great, very cheerful x

Fay said...

Such a sweet idea.

Ninotchka McKay said...

Ah you're nesting ^_^ I'm sure you will have the most stylish baby nook in existence! The quilt looks divine. Bassinet all the way for us - we used an angel care monitor when our's was little (to prevent cot death) and that won't work with any kind of swinging hammocky thing.

Oh and every time I come visit I keep thinking - must get my stamps out, you have such clever ideas for them.

p.s. Ditto on the 'You are my sunshine' - it still works when Lala is really upset or scared of the dark or has a bad dream x

Miriam said...

love it and the way you have themed it without turning it into a 'performance'....

Hootnz said...

That is such a sweet saying you have printed onto the nesting time :)

Leonie said...

It's simply gorgeous and that song has/still gets a lot of vocalisation here! Love your theme :)

Sarah said...

Love your picture. So pretty would make lovely fabric.
I'm also making things for the nursery, it really is the best room to stitch for isn't it?

Caffy Bundy said...

Gorgeous... such a nice use of space!

I am on the baby hunt as an expectant mother... this is deffo going in the notebook :D

Bundana x

Suz said...

Getting ready for baby is so nice!!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That's absolutely gorgeous. I love it! I've sung that song a few times in the middle of the night too!