Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New glasses and a 34 week old bump

Check out my new glasses from Firmoo... And they were free!

It was perfect timing as I needed new glasses … it’s a long story. Basically Isabelle had snapped one of the arms off my old glasses and I had temporarily ‘fixed’ it with washi tape (NOT a child’s sticking plaster as some suggested!) This was ok as I had a well overdue eye test anyway and needed new lenses (my eye sight actually improved??? Who knew this was possible? I’m short sighted and basically my prescription went from –1.5 in each eye to –1.25) . But instead of spending at least $160 on glasses at my local optometrist I decided to take Firmoo up on their offer.

When  Firmoo first contacted me a while back about reviewing a pair of their glasses, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. While I’m totally up for reviewing products here on my blog I want to first be sure that it’s a product and company that I can fully stand behind and that I can give a neutral, unbiased review. I shouldn’t have worried, Firmoo is actually the ‘world’s most popular online glasses store’ and also encouraged me to be completely honest in my views of their products.

I think the thing that most impressed me about Firmoo was the speed at which I received my glasses. I literally ordered them on Monday last week and I received them Monday this week. Whaaaat? That’s a turnaround period of one week… and with delivery to little old NZ???

Because these glasses cost me nothing, I decided to be a bit adventurous and try a more thicker frame than I’m used to.  I selected this style in black. I found Firmoo’s website super easy to navigate and despite not physically being able to try on the glasses as I would in a store I was able to virtually try them on using a webcam photo. My other observations of the glasses are  that they are well made, sturdy and comfortable and they very handily came with a nice case, cleaning cloth and tool with spare screws.

To be honest I’m still getting used to the style, but it’s growing on me; as is that belly – get a load of that thing!


I’m wearing: Glasses – c/- Firmootop – Farmers, Jeans – Pumpkin Patch Maternity (borrowed from a friend), necklace and shoes – Number One Shoe Warehouse, cuff bracelet – op shop.

Did you know, that you too can get your hands on a FREE pair of Firmoo glasses? You just have to pay shipping. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a prescription, a lot of people these days wear non-prescription glasses as a fashion statement/ accessory; and Firmoo caters to this too.

Click  here to take Firmoo up on their first pair free deal!

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Jen x


A little bit Country said...

I LOVE your new glasses. They are similar to mine. Love a chunky frame. xo

Rach said...

Glasses look great - have some similar frames too :)

Sophie Slim said...

Fab! I know a bunch of people who have been very happy with their firmoos! :)

Yay for new glasses, you look great! :)

Kelly McLuckie said...

Perfect choice on the glasses and I really enjoyed reading your review (and your perspective on product reviews in general).

I love the beads again this week - thanks for linking up with WW (it's a joy to see you growing each week!)


Leonie said...

Looking good! I think I might take up their offer for a pair of prescription sunnies for my hubby :) Also I love that necklace!

Miriam said...

I love them on you they look awesome

Loz said...

Those glasses suit you so much, I also LOVE that necklace with your skin tone, looking fab!

thingsforboys said...

Love the glasses! Did you know your prescription can change when you're pregnant?! Mine did last time and the glasses I got while pregnant are much better to see through now than my other ones...weird hey?!

Bron said...

Great glasses...thanks for the tip I ma just about to head off for an eye test so this may come in very handy. xx

dear molly said...

Would you believe I had my eyes tested last week and chose a style very similar to these? You look great Jenny both in the eye wear and belly department :)

Inge Jane said...

This is crazy, I literally just ordered a pair of glasses from Firmoo about 20 minutes ago. I don't really have any experience with the company, so I'm glad to see your good review!

Alex Mart said...

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Optickart said...

Perfect choice on the glasses and I really enjoyed reading your review (and your perspective on product reviews in general).Fastrack sunglasses | Eyeglasses Frames

Jim Boice said...

The glasses you got from Firmoo look great on you and they fit you very well. I'm a retired optician and it's a bit unusual for your eyesight to improve when you're shortsighted (nearsighted) More likely at your last eye exam you were probably on the borderline between needing either -1.00 glasses or -1.25 glasses and your eye doctor just prescribed you with the -1.25 glasses because it they weren't going to cause your eyesight to be changed and honestly you were just going to be able to see the 20/15 line on the eyechart as opposed to the standard 20/20 line. So as long as you still have your -1.25 glasses and you still like them you can wear them anytime you wish. Also just as "thingforguys" said nearly 50% of women's eyesight is changed as a result of being pregnant.