Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Inspiration { Yellow }

I’m not normally a major lover of yellow, but something has possessed me recently to want to rush out and buy yellow sandals, gumboots and knee high socks for the whole family and to want to whip up pleasant blouses and sew this coat in that exact colour. (And don’t worry about my often lamented, every growing ‘to do’ list – it’s a Spring Coat, so I’ve got a while!)

[Click each image to go to original link – or at least as far back as I could trace. You can also find these on my Pinterest boards.]








Maybe the reason for this recent love affair with yellow is due to it being dominant in my inspiration for the new baby's room, (‘room’  really meaning nook in our room) ; … or perhaps it’s my way of paying homage to and farewelling what has been a long hot Summer here in our little part of the world? (It’s still lingering, by the way). Or perhaps it’s just Pinterest’s fault - (highly likely.)

Whatever it is, it has also got me craving slathering's of melted butter on hot crumpets.

What is inspiring you lately?



Leonie said...

Oooh go yellow! I love yellow and it's my little one's favourite colour (also a #3) :) it's so happy!

thingsforboys said...

Those sandals are so cute! I'm still in my orange's funny, a year ago I would've said it's my least favourite colour. Hope you're getting along better with your nursery/nook than I am with mine.