Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Creativity Threshold

I saw this the other day on Pinterest. And TOTALLY agree.

[Credit for graphic unknown – but pinned from here]

I would in no way consider myself an expert sewer – I know a lot of people with far superior skills than me and I can see many areas where I have room to improve my skills. But, I do regularly get flattering comments about things I make and queries from beginner sewers or those wanting to start out, but a little intimidated by what they need to learn. … Or disappointed that their skills don’t match their ambition.

As this quote says, you’ve just got to jump in – and get creating. Trust me, I spent too many years looking at a nice new, unused sewing machine, gathering dust on a shelf.

When I had Noah and was no longer working (full time) I faced my fear and worked out how to thread it, read the manual and got making. I look back on many of my earlier creations now and see how much I’ve learnt and improved. At the time I was just pleased to have made it myself – but I do remember sometimes being frustrated that things didn’t turn out quite as I envisaged in my head. Now I know that this means I just have good taste and high ambitions – so this frustration was a GOOD thing!

I would also add that it’s quite normal for your ambitions to grow as your skill does – this also a good thing. After all, “…your work will only be as good as your ambitions.”

So my encouragement to all those embarking on anything creative is: “do a lot of work”  and “fight your way through” – just like a marathon runner has to push through that pain barrier, and not quit -  so do we. This goes for anything creative (or anything in general really.)

This is one reason I love blogging:  I have a record, not just of my kids growing up, but also of me growing creatively, learning skills and increasing my ambitions. And we can all encourage each other with this too!

Are you with me?

Jen x

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clare said...

I love this too. The quote is from Ira Glass.

Sophie Slim said...

I have seen this image everywhere but never took the time to read it. Finally I read every word and agreed with every word.

I'm just starting out. I want to be great, have so many ambitions, can DO so many different things but haven't perfected anything and that bums me out, very regularly.

This helped. xxxx

Miriam said...

it is true - I'm still a long way from where I'd like to be but step by step and then you look back and realise how far you have come.

Rach said...

I really like that - its so true. There is so much learning to pursuing creativity, figuring out how to make the idea in your head well!

Leonie said...

Agree completely - so true :)