Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stills: A bush walk and a day at the river

I originally had some other photos to share with you as my weekly stills collection (joining in with Em and others over at The Beetle Shack); but then on Saturday we went for a bush walk along the Ngaruroro River and my camera got filled with lots of pictures that demanded to be shared instead.

It’s so nice to have beautiful scenery like this virtually in our back yard.


  1. Playing at the rivers edge as her Dad fly fishes nearby
  2. A good skipping stone
  3. An outdoor seat
  4. The bump and some river stones
  5. Beautiful scenery
  6. A refreshing dip
  7. Isabelle observing me swim before she came in too
  8. Crossing the swing bridge
  9. Saying goodbye, the view from Daddy’s shoulders. Isabelle’s word for paths like this where the tall trees meet in the middle = ‘tunnels.’

P.S. You may have noticed that Noah is not in any of these pics – that’s because he enjoyed a night away staying at his Nana’s in Otaki.

Joining in over here.

Jenny x

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Leonie said...

Bliss, absolute bliss :)