Sunday, 3 February 2013

Paddling on the river

One great thing about living in the Hawkes Bay is it’s many rivers to enjoy. Just before Christmas we moved out to Clive and now live very close to the Clive River. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with my Mum and her partner Tony, paddling down it in Tony’s Canadian Canoe and Kayaks. Tony actually made the Canadian Canoe – it’s a real work of art.


The kid’s love their little life jackets. According to Isabelle hers is “Poi-ink” (her way of saying ‘pink’)!


After some initial paddling around Andrew swapped with Tony and came in the Canadian with us and Mum and Tony took the kayaks. Noah sat at the back with Daddy and Isabelle came in the front with me and promptly fell asleep resting against my legs!

We had a great time and spent a good couple of hours on the water. I wish I’d taken a lot more photos, but I left my camera back in the car for fear that it would get wet or go overboard. Noah managed to lose/ throw his shoes overboard … that boy seems to have a death wish for all shoes he owns!

It was such a nice day and so good to spend time altogether outdoors. I’m feeling it a bit today though, with aching arms and sunburnt thighs!

How did you spend your weekend? What are your favourite things to do outdoors with family and friends?

Jenny x

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Hootnz said...

It looks idyllic! And I hear ya on the aching arms! I did some kayaking at the boys camp last year....ouch :)