Sunday, 24 February 2013

Little Old Nags – Handcrafted Hobby Horses {A Review}

I consider my self a reasonably crafty person and I’ll try to make most things – but every now and then I’ll see something that is way beyond my skill level and I can do nothing but marvel at this other person’s amazing talents.

This is how I felt when I first discovered Little Old Nags, these gorgeous handcrafted hobby horses made by the extremely talented, Sarah Quinlan.

Every Little Old Nags Handcrafted Hobby Horse is lovingly handmade to order in the Waikato, New Zealand. No two Nags are the same, each having its own look and personality. A Little Old Nag is a gift to be treasured, a special toy for the dress-up box, for make believe play, or simply as a beautiful addition to decorate a child’s room, waiting patiently for it’s rider to say “come ride with me”.

Isabelle received a super sweet nag for Christmas as part of a dress up box I put together for the kids – she loves it so much (it currently answers to the name “Horsey”). I tried to get some good photos of her playing with it the other day, but that nag is a bit of a bolter!


Can you tell how much my little girl loves this amazing hobby horse?

I love a lot of things about these horses but 3 things stick out particularly in my mind:

1) The superb quality and craftsmanship.

While Isabelle may look like a delicate little girl, she is a typical toddler that can be tough on her toys. I am glad to say that this nag withstands her (ummm) ‘enthusiasm’ and the professional finish is amazing.

2)  The encouragement of imaginary play and creativity in your child.

As you can see in the pics above, Isabelle decided that ‘horsey’ needed some grass to eat! She also makes clicking noises with her tongue when riding it. I love to see her playing like this as I know imaginary play/ make believe really helps develop the creative and innovative part of the brain.

3) The gorgeous colour combinations and uniqueness of each design.

After all isn’t it nice for your child to have something handmade and unique?

Speaking of unique designs here are a few of my favourites from the Little Old Nags Facebook page


lilac cord/ purple floral  // 'Once Upon a Time' unicorn and cape 








Little Cow pokes costumes // A Zebra!

Other important details:

Regular sized horses stand approx 1m high and are suitable for any age although a child will need to be walking confidently to ride.  Mini nags are also available are approx 60cm - they are suitable until approx 2.5years.

At the time of writing this post, regular (standard) nags are priced at $70 (unless otherwise stated), and minis are $60.

Manes are made of pure wool, sticks are untreated pine, a rubber cap is placed on the end of ever stick to protect floors.

See here for the currently available nag designs (or if you don’t have facebook, then you can check out Little Old Nag's on felt or Little Kiwis Nest.)

So which one’s your favourite?

Make sure you pop back here tomorrow because I’m very excited to bring you an AMAZING LITTLE OLD NAG GIVEAWAY, thanks to the very generous Sarah!

You could win a $40 LON voucher!!! Ummm wow!

Check in tomorrow to see how!

Thanks so much Sarah for letting me share some LON loveliness with my readers!

Jen x

*These have been tested on small toddlers - however due to the presence of some small parts (eyes). The disclaimer must be added that they may not be suitable for children under the age of 3years.


Stella Rutherford said...

they.look.amazing. How cool would it have been if we'd had one of these on Saturday. Dang! (cowboy talk)

kate said...

oh my!! perfect for my wee cowboy huh!! might have to get one of these for Theo me thinks!!

Max said...

They are gorgeous, esp. Love the vintagy-floral ones x

Miriam said...

cute - I LOVE the photos you've taken xx