Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A belated stills collection

I had intended posting these on Sunday but got caught up. The majority of these photos (5-11) were taken on Saturday when Noah and I went paddling with Mum, Tony and my lovely Sister Holly. (As seen here.)  Holly was visiting from Wellington for the weekend and is was so special to have her stay and to spend time with her. She is such fun and my kids just love her to pieces! We also stayed up too late and watched silly videos of cats on youtube, my favourites being fat cat stuck in pot and dramatic cat. Yes, we are weird.

Those of you that are extremely observant will notice that this is not in fact a 'Wardrobe Wednesday/ Maternity Style' post. There will be no such post from me this week, partly because I have been too lazy to take photos and partly because my mostly toilet trained son managed to wee on the outfit I was intending to feature, before said photos were taken (TMI?). Anyway, please be assured that normal programming is likely to resume next week and the now 31 week bump is getting ginormous!


1. Rhubarb and peach crumble. oh my!

2. A summery bump

3. A little project I’m working on

4. Crepes with lemon and sugar. (The best)

5. A cool little dude

6. Awesome footwear

7. Noah and Auntie ‘Howie’ (Holly)

8. Planking

9. Noah getting towed (he insisted on having his own boat)

9. A seat with a view

10. Holly on the paddle board with Tony and Mum in the distance

11. The best afghans in town (snacks after paddling.)

Belatedly joining in over here.

Jenny x

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