Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: 24 Weeks


There are two things I feel that I need to get off my chest.

1. I keep forgetting how far along I am. My midwife tells me this is a sure sign that I’m not a first time Mum.

2. This is a new dress. In between this, the dress I featured here plus a couple of pairs of shorts (that will no doubt make their appearance here soon enough) I’ve bought quite a few new clothes recently.

But… this is my first Summer pregnancy and I really like to feel good about the way I look especially when pregnant.

I’ve also enjoyed taking advantage of some of the post Christmas sales and shopping for non-maternity-specific clothing so I can also wear them after this baby. I think there is a bit of myth out there that makes Women feel that they have to buy overpriced maternity clothes, when really there are so many other options – more on this in a future post!


I’m wearing:

  • dress – Just Jeans (on sale $39.95 down from $89.95), this is the 2nd Summer dress I’ve got half price from there! Yusss!
  • necklace – a gift from friends at my baby shower I had for Isabelle. (Every brought a bead and I made it from that.)
  • Wooden bangles – old, from one of those cheap chains stores, diva or equip?
  • Jandals – Havaianas, the most comfiest jandals in the whole wide world which I live in during the Summer months!

And now for something totally different…

Last night Toby and Natasha introduced us to Wish lanterns and we set off a couple in the sky. They go about 1km high before they go out. It was a lot of fun!


Joining in over here and here as per normal. Check the links for lots more wardrobe inspiration.

Jen x


Max said...

You look lovely-those kind of maxis are perfect for summer pregnancies, i have i few from my last one i like to mooch around in barefoot. Totally agree re overpriced maternity gear, same for breastfeeding tops i sold all of mine inbthe end and just wore a vest under normal clothes, much easier, more discreet and much, much cheaper!

Miriam said...

I love the colours in this dress and it's SO important to feel cool and comfy when preggy I think. you look gorgeous

Malea said...

Love this dress! Very important to feel comfy while pregnant, particularly in summer.

Elegance Personified said...

Hi Jen. My name is Ada - nice to meet you. I found you through the link-up at The Pleated Poppy. I am also expecting (for the first time) and I am exactly at 37 weeks so I will have this little one, soon. Are you having a boy or a girl?

You look so cute & bohemian. I love the Maxi Dress. =)

I hope you stop by my page & check out my style. Thank You.

Take Care, Ada. =)

preethi said...

I totally agree on #1. With my first, I always knew exactly how many weeks (and days!) I was along. With my second (born just a couple of months ago, so I loved figuring out pregnant outfits!), I was always like, wait, what MONTH am I? Am a new follower! :)

lace, etc.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i know what you mean about forgetting. i have two little boys, and i tried to remember EVERYTHING with my first pregnancy. with my second....not so much. :)

you look adorable. and i love your dress!

Anonymous said...

Blog hopping - congratulations and best of luck. I love this look on you!

DC in STYLE said...

You look so adorable with the baby bump!!! Congratulations!!!!

Lindsay said...

Um that dress is just gorgeous. I love everything about it. It looks so good on you.

Alisa Marie said...

You look adorable! I'm loving that dress! New follower from the hop!

Sarah S. said...

this is such a pretty flowy dress, love it.