Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Inspiration: {Isabelle’s Winter Wardrobe}

But it’s in the middle of Summer here in the Southern hemisphere, I hear you yell! I know, I know… I was actually quite embarrassed about this and was contemplating creating a private board on Pinterest to hide all of this inspiration, but decided against it.

If you’re anything like me inspiration and creativity seems to come in waves and it’s best to jump on it while you can. I have been hit by a bit of a wave recently. The latest area I have been inspired is thinking about and planning Isabelle’s Winter Wardrobe – and inspiration seems to be everywhere I look (both on the interwebs and off.)

I may sound like a weirdo planning my 2 year old’s clothes months advance – but if you take into account that I plan to make a lot of it and I will likely not have much time on my hands come Winter, then that makes it ok, right?

Anyway, enough with the justification – on with the inspiration:

I actually blame my recent discovery of the lovely blog Straightgrain for this sudden onslaught of inspiration… There are tutorials and I just love the colour combinations – sometimes it’s nice to dress your daughter in something other than pink, isn’t it?

I really love grey tights with brightly coloured boots. While Isabelle already is set with a little set of cowboy boots as seen here;  I think I’ll splash out (pun intended) on some cheap yet cheerfully coloured gumboots for her.

I’m also tempted to make something like this (also from Straightgrain). I mean who doesn’t want a cattle drive dress? I’d actually quite like one myself.

So after this got all my creative juices flowing, I was then assaulted with another round of inspiration courtesy of a guest post from You and Mie on the I-Candy Homemade site. A free tutorial for the most adorable little coat. (Annnnd it’s reversible).

Is it bad that I kind of want the adorable kid as well?

A pair of hand knitted legwarmers might also be on the cards (free pattern from Smashed Peas and Carrots). After all Isabelle might follow in my ballet shoed footsteps (I danced from about 4-13). I do really love grey on little girls.

I think that is plenty enough to keep me busy for the next few months, as well as a long list of new baby projects! Speaking of which I will likely pop back with a inspiration: the babies room in the next week or so!

Have you discovered any new blogs/ patterns or fabric that have been inspiring you recently?

Jen x


kate said...

oh my. such a pity my (not so little) girl is all grown up!! I need to find a plethora of gorgeous boys things to make so I dont get all jealous on you! cant wait to see the finished projects :)


Straight Grain said...

Waw, thanks for all the compliments :-) Always nice to read that there are people who actually like my stuff :-)

It's funny; while you can't wait to make a Winter wardrobe, I can't wait to start making Summer's dresses (it's freezing here in Belgium). Let's switch continents! :-)

Sophie Slim said...

AHHHH!!!! I'm coming back to this post later!!! I didn't really consider making my daughters clothes - they grow out of them so quickly. But I guess. They are little and (hopefully) easy to make, so it might be worth it??

I am totally feelin' your colour palette vibe here - loving the natural colours (the browns and greys) against the bright colours (purples, pinks, yellows)

need to get some grey tights. Thats a must!!

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Forward planning is always a good thing. Have you seen the recent bubble skirt tutorial over at sew mama sew?

I', currently planning merino tops for the kids - at $45+ each in the shops, I certainly feel justified in making my own.

I get excited about tights and bright boots too. I like the McKinlays hunter boots, justifying them on the basis that they will last for more than one kid and they can put them on themselves.

Rach said...

I get this. I'm always planning ahead a bit with kids clothes, often so it's not about rushing in to buy things and not getting to put them in what you would love.

Andrea from The Train To Crazy said...

So many cute things. Love the new header as well!

Sophie Slim said...

Weee she replied to you ^^ Don't you love it when your inspirations do that!? :)

So i've been stalking her pinterest boards, and she has this one called "kids belgian style"

Pretty much love EVERYTHING in there <3