Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fresh and new

You may have noticed a bit of a new look on the blog. How very observant of you! I’d been wanting to create some more white space/ spruce things up a in bit for a while, so it feels good to have that done. … Although I wish I was this motivated to tackle those last few boxes from moving a couple of months ago… why is it always much easier to tidy up my ‘virtual’ world compared to my ‘real life’ one? …Procrastination!

(Also, apologies if anything’s a bit skew whiff – I’ve rearranged some dimensions and sometimes the layouts old posts look odd.)

Old and new

Do you notice any similarities between the old header above and new below? Yup, bright colours, triangles and a banner – no cheeky kids though; but don’t worry they’ll feature as regularly as ever in my posts.

In retrospect the little tagline at the bottom cracks me up. “sewing stuff. growing kids” – I didn’t notice quite how literal that was, what with the one in my tum and all!

Anyhow, I’ll be back later in the day with a post on things that are inspiring me at the moment.

And if you’re curious to see my other old blog headers go here.

If you’re a blogger have you had a revamp on your blog lately? Or a real life spring clean? It feels good doesn’t it?


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Jess B said...

I like it! Now I feel tempted to do the same...