Monday, 7 January 2013

… aannnd some more

As promised a second instalment of wedding photos from my talented brother-in-law, Nathan.

If you haven’t already seen the first lot they are here. And, Also as promised, this instalment focuses more on the actual wedding, rather than (cough) my kids!

WKRM0420-1 copyWKRM0095-1 copyIMG_9508-1 copy

I think it is apparent from this photo, that I, on the far left … have absolutely no idea what I’m doing!

IMG_1803 copy

Also, I think that it is apparent from this photo; that one person has seen Zoolander and is very familiar with 'Blue Steel', while the other is not!

WKRM9908 copyWKRM0356 copyIMG_9363 copy - Copy

Another brother-in-law, Joel (Andrew is from a big family) made this AMAZING CAKE! It had chocolate and banana layers, and not only looked amazing it tasted (possibly) even better!

We are lucky to blest with so much talent in one family!

IMG_1634-1 copyWKRM0510 copyWKRM9566 (2) copy

The reason I’ve added these three photos is I want to show you what I helped make for the wedding. The theme was burlap (hessian) and lace and I made the ring bearer pillow (in the first of these 3) and the table runners, which you kind of see in the last 3 pics.

(I also had some great help from a lovely friend, Tamara who came round and picked up the last lot for me and sewed them up – such a legend!)

And here’s a couple more pics I wanted to share just because I think they are fun!

WKRM9792-1 copy - Copy

those facials … no words are really necessary!

WKRM9352 copy

And this is just an awesome shot! Toby and his groomsman!

Well that’s more than enough from me! But if are need of a pretty talented photographer please let me know, I might be able to find you one!

Jenny x


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Great pics! That cake is AMAZING! Love the ring pillow too - gorgeous job! xx

Mollie Robinson said...

aw i love the 4th photo of Toby and Tash the best!