Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Inspiration: { A Unisex Baby’s Room }

Upon his or her arrival in the middle of the year, our newest addition will likely be residing in our room for a while and then will probably take over the kid’s playroom. But despite, not having a nursery to decorate right now, I still find myself planning projects and co-ordinating colours for Youngling #3.

I haven’t made too many purchases yet, and don’t really need to given that this is our third child – but I did receive a 'Touch the sky' print from Sweet William the other day which I will put away with my other new baby things. I have a few hand knitted items from family members already and a few projects in the works (mainly just at planning stages). I find this planning and collecting process rather therapeutic, a kind of ritual that I do while pregnant while I dream about the little life growing inside of me and eagerly await their arrival.

This ritual has been somewhat different this time around though as it’s the first time we haven’t found the baby’s gender. Because of this,  the planning, making, decorating business has taken on new challenges this time for me and I’ve found that I’ve had to be a bit more creative.

Here’s a few things that have caught my eye while browsing Pinterest, other’s blogs and the world wide web in general.


             TO MAKE:  Hot air balloon mobile tutorial from CINO / TO BUY: 'Touch the sky' print from Sweet William


TO MAKE: Single crochet colour block blanket / TO BUY: Organic baby blankets from 'Little Hip Squeaks'


TO MAKE: DIY custom crib bumper / TO BUY: White waffle delight moses basket with rocker stand from Babytrenz


TO MAKE: Foxy & Wolfie pattern by Katy Tricot / TO BUY: Linen pants by Paul and Paula


TO MAKE: Simple wooden baby gym tutorial / TO BUY:  Wooden teething squirrel from Etsy


TO MAKE: Felt raincloud from this pin via here / TO BUY: OiOi mustard faux buffalo nappy bag from Belly Beyond

Also, once baby arrives I would love to do this cute idea from Bleubird Vintage.

As you can see I’m kind of going with a colour scheme of mainly yellow, grey, teal and white (and I think I’ll add in other colours when the baby’s gender is revealed upon it’s arrival, eg maybe something like this if it’s a girl.) These colours are those that I picked for the hexagon quilt I’ve been making. You’d forgotten about that quilt you say – yeah, well it would probably appear that I did too … but no after starting with a hiss and a roar, I got caught up with moving, Christmas, holidays and a whole lot of Wiksten tanks! But I’m just starting to get back into it now.

Anyway , here’s my progress (compare with that earlier post, if you like) :


Excuse the wrinkles – I packed it when we went camping, but never got onto it.

Do you have any unisex baby ideas and inspirations? I’d love to hear from you!

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Jen x

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Casual maternity style at 27 weeks

I’ve been enjoying wearing dresses this pregnancy ( see exhibits A and B for example) – perhaps I cram in all the dress wearing because I subconsciously know that that can become a bit difficult when baby arrives, vis-a-vis breastfeeding.

My other casual staple has been comfortable tops (including these) and either draw string shorts or other comfy pants. These photos are from a few days ago when the whether wasn’t quite as relentlessly hot as it’s been of late. The harem style pants are super comfy and while not designed for maternity wear sit so low on the hips that I’ve been able to still fit them up until now (but not for much longer!)

The top is a $1 op shop score made in a soft stretchy knit fabric. I really love the vibrant turquiosy/ teal colour and zip detail on the back.


I’m wearing: Top: from a local op shop $1, harem pants: Billabong, bunting necklace:from  Slyfox (it has been a little bit beaten up by my 2 year old!)

While these pants have probably seen their last wear of the pregnancy, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to receive a big bag of gorgeous maternity clothes from my friend Kate, including an awesome pair of maternity jeans that I will probably end up living in when the weather gets colder. Thanks Kate!

Here in NZ we’ve had an amazing Summer and some pretty high temperatures – although I know Australia have had it MUCH hotter. I have to admit that on some of the hotter days I’ve been finding it a bit tough. Are you pregnant at the moment? How have you been finding the weather?

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Monday, 28 January 2013

A Trio of Wikstens

After enjoying my recent adventure into the world of Wiksten Tank sewing, I decided to have another shot. So over the weekend I visited Spotlight, was drawn in by 3 different fabrics which I could envisage as tanks, and set about sewing them up. I finished this afternoon and am pretty happy with the results.


I think my favourite is the floral one in the last picture. The fabric is very lightweight (a cotton lawn with a Japanese print) and I personally would recommend lightweight fabrics for this pattern – they just seem to hang better. I’m still pretty partial to the blue chambray one, but the fabric is thicker and doesn’t fall/ drape quite as well (especially over a 27/8 week preggo belly) – but I’m still drawn in by simplicity of it.

As you can see I decided to use contrast bindings for the floral and chambray tanks. This was a spontaneous, while sewing decision and I’m happy I did it. Perhaps next time (although I’m taking a break from Wiksten making for a while) I may sew one with the binding on the outside.

I really would recommend this pattern to anyone – including junior sewers. It really is pretty easy and you learn some great skills along the way.

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Have you made anything recently?

Jen x

Strawberry Picking


We just spent a lovely day with Nana, which included Strawberry picking and icecreams at 'The Strawberry Patch'. (The last time we picked strawberries there was Christmas Eve 2011 – awww look how wee my kidlets were!)

I should really apologise for lumping you with yet another photo based post – but these pictures really do tell the story better than any words of mine could! I took quite a few shots of the kids when they were ‘picking’ and I don’t think any of them captured them not eating! And that last pic? I got lumped with 1.5 extra icecreams because the kids were enjoying the wooden horse swings too much (well, that and the fact that they’d already filled up on berries!)

I hope you’ve had a great start of the week as well. I hope to pop back in the next day or two with the results of some sewing I’ve been doing lately.

Jenny x

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Joining in (as I may from time to time) with Em and other lovelies over at The Beetle Shack.


1 & 2.  The night before’s leftovers for lunch. Always good.

3 & 4. Getting treated to scoop icecreams from our local dairy – Noah’s choice: ‘goody-goody-goodies’ (goody, goody gumdrops).

5. Isabelle relaxing pantless (toilet training), ginger nut and apple in hand.

6. A visit to Spotlight and some weekend sewing. Any guesses at what I’m making more of?

I only just realised that 4 out of 6 of these images relate to food. 5 if you count the one of Isabelle holding the biscuit and apple. I guess that reflects the fact that I’m pregnant and feel like my appetite has taken a bit of a step up this week (I think baby is having a growth spurt.)

Regarding the last (and only non food image) I hope to reveal some of my makings during the week. I feel I may be a little addicted to this pattern.

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Friday, 25 January 2013



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Isabelle: Copious eye lashes and shampooed cat ears (a family tradition – the cat ears that is, I wish I could say it was the eyelashes, but sadly she gets those from her Dadda).

Noah: Enjoying high tea with the ladies (Nana and I).

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