Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: 21 weeks


I tried (and failed) at taking some half decent photos for wardrobe Wednesday today. But, on the plus side I did succeed in being photobombed by a 4 year old. Thanks Noah!



Outfit breakdown: dress – Shanton, scarf – from a scarf swap from this lovely lady, jandals – Havaianas

There are a few things to mention about these photos:

1) It has been super hot here today (actually the last few days.) I am desperately trying to not look all hot and bothered in these photos.

2) Did you notice that my bump has suddenly popped out? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t that big, this early with my other pregnancies… (but what do I know, they’re kind of distant memories to my pregnancy hazed brain at the moment.)

3) Not particularly relevant to these photos, but I’m going to throw it in anyway… I have a scan tomorrow!!! The anatomy one where you can find out the babies gender if you want. I found out with both my other kids, but I think we’re going to leave it a surprise this time… although this is going to take some strong will power from me! But I guess if I expect my kids not to open their presents until Christmas, surely I can keep this a surprise, right?

Did you find out with your kid(s)? If not what was it like finding out at your babies birth?

Jen x

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Stella Rutherford said...

cute bump! We kept both of ours a surprise. I think it helped at the end, when I was so over it... That anticipation about finding out who we would produce kinda helped me make it to the finish line (not that I wouldn't have made it anyway)!

Ashley said...

I think it would be fun to wait to find out the sex...but I don't think I could do it!!

Widge said...

Found out all 4 times! I found it impossible not to know and I liked the "surprise" at the scans

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bump! We found out but the scan technician had to try REALLY hard to find our modest wee girls bits. I shed a few tears but probably mostly at relief by the time she showed herself.
Remember if its a boy you may not get the chance to keep it a surprise, they do like to show their parts freely!

Hanna said...

Your adorable! I'm 28 weeks:)

Miriam said...

Love the colour of this dress. We found out for number 2 because it was our last pregnancy but in general I love a good surprise.... it does make it easier for gifts though. Thanks for being part of Wardrobe Wednesday and a very Merry Christmas to you.

Franziska said...

haha what an adorable photobomb though ;) you both look too cute