Friday, 23 November 2012

Scenes from today…

  • Some spontaneous cupcakes to round off Isabelle’s birthday week in lieu of a party

I intended on hosting a very small family affair, but we’ve been a bit busy with this week being sandwiched in between a hens’s night and stag do (both out of town.)And the fact that we are now moving in few weeks (more on that later!) Also Andrew was away working on Isy’s actual birthday, so it was nice to save a bit of celebrations to share with him too.


  • My ‘new dishwasher’

Noah spent a good part of today washing dishes for me – sure it took longer than if I’d done it my self, but I like to think that I’m investing in the future. Although by then the novelty of water play would have worn off, no doubt. Isabelle joined in after her sleep.


  • ‘Hog-dogs’ by the beach

We topped off a rather lovely day with fish n chips at Napier. Yay no dishes! - Although truth be told Noah probably is a bit disappointed by this fact!


How was your Friday? Have you also managed to con your kids into thinking that house work is fun?

Happy weekend all!

Jenny x


thingsforboys said...

Looks like you had a lovely day! It was nice and sunny here too, so Roman and I bought take-away sushi and had a picnic for dinner...perfect! Roman is pretty good at picking his toys up so I sit on the couch and point them all out and he puts them away.

Modern Day Mummying said...

You have the most adorable dishwashers ever! Hey send them over to my place once they're done :) Do they wash cars too?

Sophie xo

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Gosh Issy is looking SO grown up - her hair is getting long! You are moving? Close by or back to Wellington? The cupcakes look gorgeous. Happy birthday to your sweet girl and hope you are feeling well! xox

A little bit Country said...

Love hotdogs with loads of tomato sauce, and preferably eaten by the sea. Looking at those lovely cupcakes I'm wondering if more icing than cake was eaten? Elaina xo

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Kaizer thinks it's a complete novelty to wash the dishes and while he thinks it's play I'm milkin it for all it's worth :)
Looks like a delightful Friday, happy birthday to your gorgeous girl..I'm a November baby too so was busy on Friday prepping for a night of celebrations last night.


the bear hut said...

gorgeous pics! looks like a lovely day with your cute little family.

thelittlegnomeshome said...

Loving your little one could spend hours at the kitchen sink too :) x

G said...

gosh those cupcakes look amazing! cute baking pair you have there... x

ps. nice to find your blog!

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

oh, I need a new dishwasher :)

xo em

thanks for linking up xoxo

Bron said...

Simple is often better anyways....especially when they are so little. xx

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