Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hexagons galore

Isn’t it funny that when you’ve got something on the brain, you seem to see it everywhere? I’ve found that with hexagons at the moment. In a lot of ways that is to be expected, hexagons and everything geometric are very popular at the moment.

Right after I wrote my hexagon post, I saw this 'hexagons at home' article on Apartment Therapy… and I thought I’d share some of the lovely pictures with you (just in case you haven’t already seen it)…

[For all of the original links for these products refer to the Apartment Therapy post]

… … …

And here’s a couple of things I stumbled onto while on Pinterest

[original source]

[the pin: original source not found]

… … …

And of course, how could we forget hexagons as they’re found in nature; or in other words, ‘honeycomb’

Where have you you seen hexagons lately?

Jen x

P.S. My apologies for lack of a wardrobe/ baby bump post this week, there is not really that much of a bump yet (well at least nothing to write home about) and I have been a bit busier than normal as in the last month I’ve started doing around 10 hours a week helping out with my husband’s little architecture practice – but I hope to make time, get inspired and post next week, okay?

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