Monday, 5 November 2012


This weekend we had family staying and because it also happened to coincide with Guy Fawkes we decided to share some fireworks fun together. (Well mainly just some sparklers and other spinning things.)


Being a bit of a self-confessed ‘helicopter Mum’ these sorts of situations do stress me out a bit. I mean giving my little precious kids fire sticks, how could it not? But look at the joy on that little face, how could I deny that?

So I dress them in close fitting, fire retardant clothes, have a quick chat about not touching the hot ends and ‘hover, hover, hover’… I also tend to growl like a Mama bear if I consider that anyone is doing anything remotely irresponsible around them. I’m probably a bit OTT, but I really can’t help it!

Anyway, it turns out my camera has ‘fireworks mode’, who knew? It helps to capture things like this…


Despite my best intentions Noah still managed to get a very small burn (from the end of Isabelle’s sparkler) on his elbow. However he was easily consoled by the prospect of a new sparkler, he is not that easily deterred!

We had a lovely weekend with family and were glad they were here to share in the fun with us!

Did you do anything fun to celebrate Guy Fawkes? How do you feel about your kids and fireworks? Am I the only ‘helicopter Mum’ out there?

And in case you’re interested, here are a couple of photos from last year’s Guy Fawkes.

Jenny x


Max said...

i had that same dilemma tonight. on the whole i'm pretty laissez-faire but there were such graphic firework safety ads in the uk when i was growing up i don't think i'll let claud get her hands on a sparkler til she's at least 10. so instead dad put on a little display! fireworks mode-cool. cant see one on mine, gutted. gorgeous photos x

sascedar said...

oh that looks like so much fun! i really miss the fireworks nights of my childhood (banned here). i think we might be due for a sparkler night, though :)sarah

A little bit Country said...

Fireworks mode! How cool is that?!

Mollie Robinson said...

I love your blog so much Jenny your children are so adorable. i LOVE reading it eve when i get growled for staying up to late. i LOVE sparklers and wish we could get some for my birthday! (this Saturday incase you were wondering)

Hootnz said...

No you're not alone I tend to hover over the little ones too.... the rules are laid down and everyone including big ones are expected to follow :) Don't fireworks just make the best pics?!