Friday, 23 November 2012

Scenes from today…

  • Some spontaneous cupcakes to round off Isabelle’s birthday week in lieu of a party

I intended on hosting a very small family affair, but we’ve been a bit busy with this week being sandwiched in between a hens’s night and stag do (both out of town.)And the fact that we are now moving in few weeks (more on that later!) Also Andrew was away working on Isy’s actual birthday, so it was nice to save a bit of celebrations to share with him too.


  • My ‘new dishwasher’

Noah spent a good part of today washing dishes for me – sure it took longer than if I’d done it my self, but I like to think that I’m investing in the future. Although by then the novelty of water play would have worn off, no doubt. Isabelle joined in after her sleep.


  • ‘Hog-dogs’ by the beach

We topped off a rather lovely day with fish n chips at Napier. Yay no dishes! - Although truth be told Noah probably is a bit disappointed by this fact!


How was your Friday? Have you also managed to con your kids into thinking that house work is fun?

Happy weekend all!

Jenny x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012



The bumps been a-growing recently… at 16.5 weeks it seems its had a little growth spurt recently – although that could be something to do with recent cravings of mini donuts and salt and vinegar almonds.

My little now two year old has been growing a bit recently too – growing right out of some of her clothes and seems to have a handful of new words to add to her growing vocab everyday!

My hexagon quilt has grown a lot since I featured it here too – but you’ll have to take my word for it (I did photograph it, but I travelled with it and it became rather wrinkly!)

Outfit breakdown: Me: lace top – Just jeans, skirt – cotton on, jandals – havianas; Isabelle: dress – gift from Poppa and Granny Lynn for her birthday, jandals – havianas

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Jen x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Doll’s House

If you’ve already read this post, you will have seen a bit of a sneak peek of the doll’s house that Tony and my Mum made for Isabelle’s birthday. Well here it is in all it’s glory…


Isn’t it luffly?

Tony built it, and Mum painted it and bought the furniture. We bought the Sylvanian animals (mainly using flybuys, thanks flybuys!)

It’s safe to say that Isabelle LOVES it! (So does Noah!)

I will be joining in with our creative spaces to show off this later in the week – although of course I can take none of the credit for myself. Thanks so much Mum and Tony!

Jen x

Two today!


1. Where it all started, two years ago today – Isabelle brand-spanking new, with a very proud big brother and Dad.

2. Two years on, the birthday girl is loving her new back pack from us.

3 – 4. She’s also loving her new doll’s house made by my Mum’s partner Tony and painted by my Mum.

5. Isabelle feeling proud as punch having just dressed herself in her birthday tutu skirt made by her other Nana (my Mother-in-law), isn’t it lovely to have such clever family members that hand-make presents. (Note: a very blurry ballerina doll also features in this photo – a much loved gift from Poppa and Granny-Lynn.)

My little girl is having such a lovely 2nd birthday today, and I think she is totally aware that the day is all about her. I’m sure this is not the last birthday related post I will post – and I will definitely be back later to share more pics of the amazing doll’s house!

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas traditions–reflecting on old memories and creating new ones

First up, I should confess that I haven’t thought that much about Christmas yet, of course apart from what you can’t avoid from all the marketing in shop windows and on TV. We’ve still got Isabelle and Noah’s birthdays to get through first, as well as a wedding in which we are highly involved (I’m a bridesmaid, Noah’s a page boy and Isabelle is a flower girl! Yikes!)

Despite not thinking about Christmas that much yet, I should also state that I am a Christmassy person. I really love Christmas!

So when Stella announced she would be hosting a weekly linky party about Christmas traditions I got a wee bit excited, and it made me think a bit about the Christmas memories and traditions from my childhood and also new ones I want to create for our kids.

I’m going to use this post as a bit of list – something I can refer back to later.

I want our family Christmases to be:

  • Focused on‘The Reason for the Season:’ First and foremost Christmas, for our family is about the birth of Jesus. We want to bring our kids up focusing on that at Christmas time, rather than the commercial aspect.

Scan 3

[A camping holiday from my childhood. I LOVE this photo. I’m on the left, my sister Holly is on the right.]

  • For Family, camping and beaching: Christmas time, also conjures up thoughts and memories of time spent with family, camping holidays and (as someone from the Southern hemisphere) Summer days spent at the beach. We are planning a camping holiday up in the far north this year. At this stage we aren’t sure whether we will spend Christmas day away or not, but there will be some camping for sure.


  • Filled with fun and festivities and good food – but without the stress: I love having lovely meals, but especially at Christmas time don’t think this has to equate to heaps of stress as well – as that’s no fun for anyone!

scan 1Scan 2

[Top picture: Me on Christmas day with my new trike (yes I do look a bit like a boy) Bottom picture: My sister and I (I’m the bigger one in yellow) with Christmas day bikes… did you notice that Holly’s trike is my old one painted a different colour? Clever upcycling Mum and Dad!]

  • About ‘Meaningful Giving’: I have to confess that that phrase is not my own. About a year ago I read this awesome post about meaningful giving. In this post Sarah says: “…For me, the gift is in the process that the giver has undertaken, to think about you, and want to shower love on you.”

I know sometimes I lose sight of that, I just buy something because that’s what you do, especially around Christmas time when there are so many people to buy for all at once. I don’t know if I’m quite up for the challenge that Sarah set, but I do want to include some element of homemade into at least some part of our kid’s presents each year. And I also don’t want to just buy them more toys (to add to the growing pile that they have!)Homemade is great because it really encapsulates the ‘process’ that I quoted above – you really have to think about the person and put in bit of work (and love) when you make something for someone.

At the same time though I don’t want to burden myself with more stress of an intimidating list of things to make by Christmas time. So I’ll plan a couple of achievable projects and give myself enough time. This year I’m hoping to make the kids a dress up box and possibly a couple of costumes to go in it. I have already purchased a couple of things for it from local crafters too – if I can’t (don’t have the time/skills) to make it myself, I think this is the next best thing.

Often as a kid we got gifts from our parents that the whole family could use and involved sharing. One year we got a table tennis table, another year we all got board games.

And most importantly I want our kids to learn that there is more joy in giving than receiving and to be involved in the giving process.

Scan 4

[Me one Christmas at my Nanas, circa the late 80s or early 90s]

Well that’s about all from me…

I’m sure I’ll be referring back to and elaborating more on this list from time to time leading up to and just after Christmas this year.

Joining in with Stella's awesome Christmas linky party!

Jenny x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hexagons galore

Isn’t it funny that when you’ve got something on the brain, you seem to see it everywhere? I’ve found that with hexagons at the moment. In a lot of ways that is to be expected, hexagons and everything geometric are very popular at the moment.

Right after I wrote my hexagon post, I saw this 'hexagons at home' article on Apartment Therapy… and I thought I’d share some of the lovely pictures with you (just in case you haven’t already seen it)…

[For all of the original links for these products refer to the Apartment Therapy post]

… … …

And here’s a couple of things I stumbled onto while on Pinterest

[original source]

[the pin: original source not found]

… … …

And of course, how could we forget hexagons as they’re found in nature; or in other words, ‘honeycomb’

Where have you you seen hexagons lately?

Jen x

P.S. My apologies for lack of a wardrobe/ baby bump post this week, there is not really that much of a bump yet (well at least nothing to write home about) and I have been a bit busier than normal as in the last month I’ve started doing around 10 hours a week helping out with my husband’s little architecture practice – but I hope to make time, get inspired and post next week, okay?

Monday, 5 November 2012


This weekend we had family staying and because it also happened to coincide with Guy Fawkes we decided to share some fireworks fun together. (Well mainly just some sparklers and other spinning things.)


Being a bit of a self-confessed ‘helicopter Mum’ these sorts of situations do stress me out a bit. I mean giving my little precious kids fire sticks, how could it not? But look at the joy on that little face, how could I deny that?

So I dress them in close fitting, fire retardant clothes, have a quick chat about not touching the hot ends and ‘hover, hover, hover’… I also tend to growl like a Mama bear if I consider that anyone is doing anything remotely irresponsible around them. I’m probably a bit OTT, but I really can’t help it!

Anyway, it turns out my camera has ‘fireworks mode’, who knew? It helps to capture things like this…


Despite my best intentions Noah still managed to get a very small burn (from the end of Isabelle’s sparkler) on his elbow. However he was easily consoled by the prospect of a new sparkler, he is not that easily deterred!

We had a lovely weekend with family and were glad they were here to share in the fun with us!

Did you do anything fun to celebrate Guy Fawkes? How do you feel about your kids and fireworks? Am I the only ‘helicopter Mum’ out there?

And in case you’re interested, here are a couple of photos from last year’s Guy Fawkes.

Jenny x