Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday : 13 Weeks


Outfit breakdown: Grey cardi and denim shorts: cotton-on, pink spotty top: Witchery – I bought it and a few others while pregnant with Noah in a big sale, Jandals: Haviainas

Yes, I know I’ve been neglecting my WW posts lately (don’t worry I’ve been suitably chastised!)In between a whole bunch of sewing and feeling EXHAUSTED (hmmm I wonder why...); I just haven’t had the motivation or energy.

In my other pregnancies, I really tried to make an extra effort with what I wore. Let’s face it, trying to dress what becomes a basket ball sized mound can be difficult at the best of times; and it’s easy to feel like you’re rotating only a couple of boring outfits. Because of this, and because I think pregnancy is a time when a women should feel special and her most beautiful – I tried to dress nice for me.

This time is a bit different though as previously I was working (albeit the second time only two days a week), so many of my belly accommodating clothes are more corporate-type wear. I’m also anticipating that with now not just one, but two little critters running about (and when sometimes even grabbing a shower seems impossible), finding the energy to ‘creatively dress the bump’ may prove more difficult.


Because of this, I’m going to try and keep up my weekly outfit posts as motivation for me to keep being creative with my pregnancy wardrobe. (And I’ll kill two birds with one stone by also using them as documentation of the bump’s growth week by week*)

Here are some of my other thoughts on dressing while pregnant:

  • You don’t have to go and spend a small fortune on maternity clothes – I found that a lot of normal clothes still worked, especially if they are stretchy or more of a loose/ voluminous style.
  • Op shops can be great. I was worried the first time around that I might stretch some of my clothes out of shape so, (being mainly a winter pregnancy) I bought a few stretchy merino tops from my local op shop. (Turns out they bounced back pretty well anyway.)
  • A good pair of maternity jeans are worth their weight in gold!
  • Personally I prefer fitted/ bump hugging clothes (otherwise I just look like I’m wearing a tent)… and I’d rather celebrate being pregnant, rather than hide it!

Do you have any you would add?

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Jen x

P.S Does anyone know where I can find really nice (yet affordable) maxi dresses for summer made of stretchy/ knit fabric?


Miriam said...

I love the top and I agree maternity jeans pay for themselves over and over again.... can't help with the maxi maybe somewhere like Kmart or cotton on might have a cheapie??

Rach said...

Nice take on Wardrobe Wednesday :)

Hootnz said...

Firstly Congratulations! Thats lovely news and second I love the gorgeous top...Can't help you with the maxi... but I did find that a tube of stretchy fabric worked well for under my tops around my belly...as an extension of the tops that starting getting a bit short near the end :)

Ninotchka McKay said...

Well I'll just add my congratulations to the growing list and mention that I could probably help you out with a dress, you're welcome to email me about that if its of interest?

Melissa said...

Congrats! So many bloggy bumps around at the moment. Let me know when you find the Maxi jackpot, I am looking for a stripy stretchy maxi skirt.

thingsforboys said...

I made a maxi dress on Monday and I wore it yesterday and today. I don't think I'm ever going to take it off! It's simplicity 3503 (View A). Email me if you want more details. I might have some fabric for you too!

tartankiwi said...

Looking great- that top is so pretty on you!
I totally agree on the good maternity jeans. I bught cheapies for my first pregnancy and REALLY REALLY regretted it!

Jess B said...

Yep, love that cute top. I loved dressing to show off my bump too - it's the only time I would ever wear tight tops, so I enjoyed it! My three friends and I did great with our maternity clothes: one would get pregnant at the tail-end of the other's pregnancy, so we'd passed the big compiled bag from one friend to the next - through 9 babies! Was awesome, as we each only needed to buy a few things and then we were all set.

Elizabeth Clark said...

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