Saturday, 13 October 2012

{KCWC Oct 2012} Day 5: Leggings

Yesterday involved a bit of easy peasy sewing – mainly because I was psyching myself up for today’s project. Today’s project is also the reason why I didn’t get round to photography and blogging about yesterday’s sewing, until now – I have been beavering away at my sewing machine on it all day!


As you can see, my day 5 makings were two pairs of leggings for the Isabub.

I think cuffs are really cute on little kids leggings, however they do somewhat make them look more like PJs. Because of this I haven’t really decided whether to use them as PJs or daytime leggings. After all the girl does need more of both and the top pair would co-ordinate well with these. We’ll see!

And in case you’re wondering about the bulky butt – she’s wearing a re-usable nappy!


The details:

Fabric: All stretch knit

Pattern: The ‘sleeping Johns/ everyday leggings’ pattern size 2T from Growing up Sew Liberated. (The same pattern that I used for Noah's PJ pants.)

And in case you’re interested in what I’ve been working on today… here’s a sneak peak…


It involves one thing for Isabelle and one for Noah and I intended pacing it over the final two days – but the way they’re coming together I may have something to show you tomorrow! I best get off this computer then!

Are you doing the KCWC? How’s it all going for you? Or do you think you might give it a go next time? I’m thoroughly enjoying it – especially my second time round.

Jen x


Stella Rutherford said...

super cute! either as pjs or daywear. I've been too sick to sew over the last few days, but I might put in a few extra days at the end to get it all done...

thingsforboys said...

I love the leggings. I was cheeky and didn't do any sewing today...not sure what I'm going to blog about tomorrow. :/

Laura said...

Such cute leggings, I love the fabric. I think you could use them as either or both. Tt's such a great pattern.

Rhiannon said...

That apple fabric!!! Was it s a lucky thrift find? It is ahhhmazing. I want leggings out of it. hahaha