Wednesday, 10 October 2012

{KCWC Oct 2012} Day 3: Granny Smith Dress


First of all yes – the granny smith ‘prop’ was intentional (and cheesy)… if not a little misguided. As soon as I handed it to Isabelle I realised two things…

1) Being an edible ‘prop’ I had limited time to snap my photos before the front was saturated in apple juice. Yup, it was a juicy one!

2) It proved hard to get a good shot of the dress without the apple blocking the view… and she wasn’t letting go of it for anyone! (Hence the photo of the apple above the head – at my request.)

… Anyway enough about photographic process/ ‘photo-shoot’ issues … you want to know about the dress, right?


The Details

Fabric: Cotton jersey knit, with rib for the neckline and ric rac around the sleeves.

Pattern: 'Go To Signature Dress' – this is fast becoming a favourite of mine.

You may remember that I first used this pattern last week and I raved about it’s versatility. Well this time I wanted to put a bit of a different spin on the dress. I used the same dress length and neckline option but didn’t add an elastic waist and hemmed the sleeves differently – with ric rac poking out, did you notice?

…And then I ummed and arred while doing the kindy pick up about whether to add any other embellishments to the dress. Should I add pockets in a contrast colour, should I add a band or ribbon around the hem…?

In the end I decided less was more and that the subtle sleeve detail was enough… after all, the simplicity of the apple print was what drew me to it in the first place.


I can see that I will be using this pattern and it’s many variations, a lot more in the future!

Joining in with KCWC

Jenny x


sascedar said...

this is crunchy delicious! i adore the ric rac around the sleeves. beautiful! :)sarah

Fay said...

Cute dress! Love the ric rac detail.

Ginx Craft said...

Very cute. I think it should say "model is wearing her own accessories"!

Suz said...

Gorgeous dress and model. I reckon she will get heaps of wear out of it!

thingsforboys said...

So cute! Love the fabric and the dress. I'm jealous that you get to use ric rac...I can't think of a way to put it into boys clothes yet.

Max said...

great dress, and i love the 'don't mess with my apple' expression in the first photo!

Kylie said...

Cute dress and great photos. I like the fabric and the ricrac.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

I love that you model actually models.
Mine (aged 11, 8 & 6) have all quit/retired. 'sigh'

Andrea from The Train To Crazy said...

This is SO stinkin cute!!

Rachel said...

Love the print and the little sleeve detail is just enough!