Monday, 8 October 2012

KCWC and a chicken

I have to admit that I have done no sewing for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge (KCWC) so far… but I have done a lot of cutting and prep and plan to hit the sewing machine after writing this.

Instead, for the most of today we have been out enjoying a fun ‘Nana day’. Generally we spend Mondays with my Mum as it is her day off work. Today we did a few things including having lunch at a little cafe, that happened to have a resident chicken. A pretty friendly one, I might add.


Isabelle was intrigued. “Dog!” she said excitedly.

“Chicken” I said (repeatedly) and made the necessary accompanying chicken noises.


By the time we left she had decided it was a “duck” – I decided this was close enough.

Speaking of KCWC, the hoodie Isy is wearing here is one I made in the May challenge.

Having done the KCWC once before, I feel I’ve gleaned a couple of ‘tips’ I plan to remind myself of this time. Essentially they are:

  • Not stress out if I don’t have a finished garment to showcase at the end of each day… Prioritise quality over quantity.
  • Try not to compare my makings to everyone else in the AMAZING Flickr pool in a negative way – just to view other’s makings as inspiration; and instead to compare to my past projects and see how far my own sewing has improved.
  • I plan to do a blog post the next day for the previous days makings. Thus reducing the stress of making, getting good photos and blogging all on the one day!
  • To have a lot of fun!

Sounds like a plan!

Are you joining in this time round – comment with a link to your blog if you are, I’d love to get inspired by your makings too!

Anyway I better get off here and jump on my sewing machine!

Jenny x


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

I planned to do KCWC this time...and failed! Something else has popped up. I will tell you more later in the week ;)

Haha Issie reminds me of Lucy - every animal she sees, she starts quacking like a duck. So funny!

Mrs Knight said...

super lovely blog!!!! thankyou Stella for sending you my way!