Friday, 21 September 2012

To market, to market …

We had our church market this morning and I’m pretty happy with how it went.


[Me looking like a bit of a goon behind my stall]

I went in to it with low expectations, and was happy to make $95 (less the $10 fee of course.) My owls proved very popular but I only sold one skirt. (Never mind – my gift box/ Isabelle’s wardrobe has just had a boost).

I just love market atmosphere and it was fun to be part of it.

Andrew brought the kids down a bit later and they joined in the fun too. Isabelle got her face painted… (and I have to add that she was still wearing her PJ pants!! – although they passed as leggings.)


I managed to resist spending all my profits at other peoples’ stalls, but did buy one or two things… including this little bag and monster crayon holder for Noah from my friend Jo.


Don’t you just love how the crayons are the monster’s teeth? Noah thinks it’s pretty awesome too.

All in all, it was a fun day and I think they raised a decent amount for youth group – the face painting, car wash and sausage sizzle stands looked like they did pretty well.

What have you been up to this weekend? Gone to any good markets/ garage sales or fairs recently?

Jenny x


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Congrats on a successful day! How fabulous to make some nice pocket money. I made exactly the same amount at my first market!

Alyna Higgs-James said...

Awesome job, your stall looked lovely

Sophie Slim said...

Good job! I would actually be amazed if you made $95! Aren't market notorious for actually not making you money?? Or have I got that wrong?? Do people actually make money from them??

Have you thought about selling your left over skirts on felt!???!!!!

WEll done on your stall! Wohoo!

Dee said...

you guys are awesome having a craft day! should defo make it an annual thing (we miss RBC!!) x

Dee said...

you guys are awesome having a craft day! should defo make it an annual thing (we miss RBC!!) x

Jo said...

Ya!!! so glad he loves it! Starting to think about next years one - saving up my other bags for that!!!!! :)

Bron said...

Markets like these are so the best ...great for atmosphere and certainly for raising money for a good cause. xx